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Someone else's listening appearing in my list of scrobbles

  • Someone else's listening appearing in my list of scrobbles

    It seems that someone else's scrobbles are appearing in my listening history. I've just had a look at recently listened tracks and there are dozens of tracks listened to at times when I wasn't scrobbling or listening, by artists I never listen to. This isn't a problem of auto-correcting wrongly - it's just a completely different set of listening.

    Any idea what might be going on here?

    • Babs_05 escribió...
    • Moderador
    • 4 Ago 2011, 14:44
    Is it possible you're logged in on another machine? Maybe someone else is using it and those plays are being submitted to your account.

    Best thing would be to change your password (remember to change it in the client too, if you use that).

  • Thanks - I had come to that conclusion (about the password) and changed it after I posted. But there is no way I'm logged in anywhere else. All very peculiar.

    Thanks anyway


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