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Chart designer not allowing image uplaods

  • Chart designer not allowing image uplaods

    Just tried to create a new chart with the chart designer, and I'm seeing "There was a problem with your upload" every time I try and upload an image less than 30kb. I've tried multiple ones, including a few that were valid yesterday when I was playing with the designer, and they all fail.

    Images > 30kb still fail with the proper "image too large" error message.

  • I get the feeling most image uploads might be broken. I can't upload a 9kb jpg as my pic (or any other format)

    • muz escribió...
    • Alumni
    • 30 Dic 2005, 18:29
    Hmm... looks like something might be boohoo with the static content server :\

    • [Usuario eliminado] escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 30 Dic 2005, 21:01
    I have the same problem, I can't upload my user pic!

    • mokele escribió...
    • Alumni
    • 31 Dic 2005, 15:36
    I've had to take it down for now as it's new years eve and all. After the downtime over the night it also took some damage which is making it quit working. It'll be back up soon.

  • W00t! The chart designer is back and working wonderfully. I have my image done for another forum now. :)

    So, what are the chances of being able to make a chart style private? The one I did has an image with my forum name on the other forum in it, so it's kinda useless for other people to have the option to use it. I'd rather not clutter up the styles listing with it if possible.

    • mokele escribió...
    • Alumni
    • 4 Ene 2006, 23:42
    I hate seeing threads like this bump up, it's scary you know. Thinking that it's not working again, haha.

    To answer you question evilangela, after a couple of days your style will go into the deapest depths of past 3 pages in, so I wouldn't worry about it. Based upon the usage of a lot of them they're in need for a big culling of useless and unused ones, so yeah, don't worry about it. As you said, it's useless other people using your style, so they just wont use it. Though they may get an idea of how to adapt your style for their site and base their image on yours.

    Glad it's all working cool now.

  • Scary is reactivating a bug on the day that all the developers on your project are trying to hit zero active bugs, and hearing a knock on your door, turning around, and seeing like 3 people waiting. Combined with like 3 more emails from other people... all about that one bug activated.

    But I can see you being all worried that it broke again. Nope, and sorry to scare you. :) And thanks for the answer, sounds good to me.

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