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Splitting "Sonny Boy Williamson" into "Sonny Boy Williamson I" and "Sonny Boy…

  • Splitting "Sonny Boy Williamson" into "Sonny Boy Williamson I" and "Sonny Boy Williamson II". Two very different people!

    Hey guys,

    Plays be these two great, but totally unrelated bluesmen will both autocorrect to "Sonny Boy Williamson", so the two get mixed. Is there anyone able to fix this? Suggesting corrections won't help because that won't split them of course...

    Pages for both SBW I and SBW II do exist so it's just a matter of getting rid of the autocorrect.

    It would be a lot easier if that sneaky SBW II had just admitted he stole SBW I's name just to get famous. The bastard... ;)

    Well, hope someone can fix this!

    - Me
    includes links to the SBW I and II pages in the description.

  • this site is transparent as shit. who do I have to reach to get this fixed.

    Split Sonny Boy Williamson I & II !

    • headey escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 15 Jul 2012, 19:53
    People have been talking about this since 2009. See the shouts on

    The explanation that they didn't produce albums as l & ll seems the most relevant.*

    @broccoliman Assuming it will always be thus, how about doing a journal listing the albums for each of them? It would surely be appreciated by many.

    "...Artists Use the exact name and spelling used on releases by that artist."

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    -but how boring life would be

    headey cocktail
  • Thanks heady! I'm afraid they will have to keep sharing their page then... I'm on vacation the next two weeks but will take a look at this when I get back.

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