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Any way to report a track as 'Suspect' - One that is legitimately rubbish?

  • Any way to report a track as 'Suspect' - One that is legitimately rubbish?

    What's the mechanism for reporting crap tracks?

    This incident occurred this morning within the past half hour. What seemed to be an odd bumper (for played, it was clipped off at the beginning. I remember thinking "I only heard the end of that commercial. Weird." This then led into an AC/DC song.

    The intro to the song started playing, then shortly after the lead-in, it turned into a Rock Station Morning Talk Radio show. They took a caller and so-on. As it turns out, the odd bumper + AC/DC song + Rock Station Morning Talk Radio were all part of the same track. It was probably scrobbled by someone who records live radio.

    I can't remember what AC/DC song it was labeled as. Unfortunately I clicked "Skip" instead of "Ban" for that song. It isn't showing up in my Recently Listened Tracks, either.

    I've seen things like this happen before. There is studio cover of a Violent Femmes song by some other band - so it 's erroneously tagged as a Violent Femmes song.

    So how can I go about reporting a bad track?

  • We don't have a mechanism for reporting bad tracks on the radio, however if you make a note in this forum, we'll look into it.

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