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Apr 1

MGFest 2010 Boston

Con la actuación de Liquid Stranger, Addictive TV y 16 artistas más en Various


Jueves 1 de Abril de 2010Lunes 5 de Abril de 2010


Boston, Mass, United States

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* Boston Motion Graphics Festival 2010 *
New Motion + New Sound + New Code =
April 1st through 5th, All Around the City

The Motion Graphics Festival launches its 2010 tour by returning to Boston from April 1st to 5th. MGFest will bring a new wave of artists and technologists to awaken those sleeping synapses. Witness and participate in a convergence of motion, sound and interactivity, embrace new ideas, celebrate the inquisitive spirit, and at evening's approach, dance.

MGFest stands as the premier creative conference for motion design, visual effects, sound design and interface technology, presenting a wide array of events including: art showcases, workshops, panel discussions, studio tours, theater screenings, industry mixers and audio visual showcases.

Featured artists include: Herzog & De Meuron, Warp Records, LucasArts, N.A.S.A., Yoshi Sodeoka, Jean-Paul Frenay, Alan Sondheim, Addictive TV, Liquid Stranger, Royksopp, Assassin's Creed 2, Three Legged Legs, Larry Carlson, Pleix, Dvein, Psyop, The Mill, The Crystal Method, Ken Adams, Jen Stark, Shantell Martin and many more.

The Festival debuts the 2010 schedule with screenings by Lumen Eclipse, "Psychedelia" and "Somatic Death, Soma Life". Journey down the road set by thirteen artists exploring a new mind-manifesting experience, challenging afresh perceptions and pointing towards a reawakening unhindered by the prosthetic body.

The Boston Motion Design Conference on Friday, April 2nd is a full-day conference featuring diverse topics and inspiring presenters from AVID, Fox, MIT, Maxon, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and a keynote presentation from technical lead of the Processing.js project that is porting Ben Fry's Processing language to javascript. He will be featuring the new 3D capabilities of the next version of the Firefox web browser.

Friday night's Best of 2009 screening by Stash DVD Magazine highlights music videos, virals, short films, commercials, broadcast designs and game cinematics from top-tier studios across the world. Something will grab your attention, setting off a chain reaction thus igniting a fresh set of ideas.

Hands-on Workshops happen Saturday, April 3rd with Maxon Cinema 4D Essentials, Animating with ActionScript 3, and Animation in a Browser with jQuery.

Saturday night's realtime A/V performance in the 2012 Lounge at Machine features Liquid Stranger with the Psymbolic visual show and Z.E.E. The visuals are rendered in realtime, seamlessly spread across 3 full-HD resolution projections. The entire evening experience brought to you by Zebbler, Vermin Street and MGFest.

Monday April 5th, MGFest hosts a Boston Meetup and Barcamp, encouraging meetup groups across the city to overcome the alienation of specialties and explore the patch panel of skills and technologies that contribute towards great video, audio and code-based design. The super-meet promotes healthy cross-pollination for a creative industry that regularly celebrates our diversity. The event is an open-discussion for designers, artists and programmers to have an interactive, collaborative environment to begin and innovate next-gen visual-audio projects, and takes place from noon to 4pm at the Bocoup Hack-space. Participating groups include: Boston Motion Graphics, Boston Final Cut Pro Users Group, Boston PHP Meetup, Upgrade! Boston, Boston jQuery, Boston Anime & Japanese Film Meetup Group, Boston Web Design Meetup Group, and more.

For those further interested in animation and video on the web, MGFest concludes by hosting two jQuery presentations, one beginner, one advanced. Michael Bourque of Boston PHP presents Intro to jQuery at MIT, while at the same time across town Paul Irish of Molecular will be presenting an advanced jQuery development workshop.

The Boston Motion Graphics Festival is sponsored by Maxon, MassArt, Lumen Eclipse, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Stash, Future Media Concepts, Bocoup, Netdiver, IdN and Cambridge Arts Council.

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