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Dic 3

BE PREPARED: Papier Tigre / Cherry But No Cake / American Gods

Con Papier Tigre, American Gods y Cherry But No Cake en The Miller


Miércoles 3 de Diciembre de 2008 a las 20:00


The Miller
96 Snowsfields Road, London, SE1 3SS, United Kingdom


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Papier Tigre

Papier Tigre are back for another UK tour after their appearance at last spring's ATP festival.
Brittle melodies seemingly scrap with vicious riffs, before the two suddenly come together to deliver the coup de grace. This is art punk, but at it’s most primal.

Cherry But No Cake

Lo-fi Noisy Pop, filling stadiums on world tours and rocking tour socks to the distorted sounds of the 90's American indie scene.

American Gods
The bass a meat rack of Bauhaus churn, the hammered drum kit smashing the air in flurries of energy, lead guitar curving up the roasted corpse, lyrics hopelessly lost in loudness…



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