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Feb 11

Kosmo Kino Plaza - Cycle IV : Le fiel, le sommeil & l'amer

Con Ô Paradis, Egida Aurea y Varunna en Théâtre Kiron Espace


Sábado 11 de Febrero de 2012 a las 19:00


Théâtre Kiron Espace
10, rue La Vacquerie, Paris, 75011, France

Tel.: 01 44 64 11 50


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On the occasion of Kosmo Kino Plaza’s Fourth Cycle, three Mediterranean bands are landing on Paris to heat up our winter thanks to their views of dark folk music either tinged with a song heritage, with electronic music or with traditional folk songs. Sometimes grandiose, sometimes intimist, always sincere and fascinating, these artists, who will set foot on a French stage for the very first time, will offer us bits of Catalonia, Liguria and Sardinia.

Thus, Egida Aurea will have a chance to salute the release of its newest full-length album on HR!SPQR and of a special item exclusively for this gig. Rich news also for Ô Paradis that releases a new record on Old Europa Café by the end of 2011. For its part, Varunna is still working, after Cantos, on its next album to be released in 2012.


Kiron Espace

Doors: 7pm
Concerts: 7.30pm

Ticket: 20€

Tickets available:
- by e-mail, get in touch with us at
- through the FNAC/France Billet network :
- soon, at the Souffle Continu record store in Paris:

Please note that for foreign countries, France Billet/FNAC might be quite expensive, so you might want to get in touch with us instead!


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