• "Let's Cause a Scene"

    24 Jul 2007, 7:51 de KaitNicole

    Sun 22 Jul – The Format

    This was the first time that I had seen The Format in five years so I was totally stoked for this show.

    Once the venue was pretty full with too many twelve year old scenester girls that had their mom's drop them off down the street cause they didn't want anyone to see them the evening started out with Steel Train who I really enjoyed and would recommend to almost anyone who enjoys the genre. I kinda wish they had played longer actually. After Steel Train came Limbeck, who I wasn't really into, the crowd seemed to enjoy them and I have friends who listen to 'em but they just weren't for me. Third in line for the evening, which by this time it had started raining pretty hard, wasThe Honorary Title who played a great show. Jarrod Gorbel's voice sounded awesome live and the crowd really reacted well to their set. The rain kept coming and the soggy crowd was loving it...I on the other hand was trying to keep dry under an awning. Finally, the moment I had been waiting for The Format takes the stage. …