• Middle Brother and Deer Tick

    12 Mar 2011, 6:59 de Liquefaction

    Fri 11 Mar – Canadian Music Fest

    This was a LONG night. Dawes opened up the night and set a terrible tone. Terribly written songs and terribly delivered. The lead singer is painful to watch. Johnny Corndawg provided some relief for a few songs and although he was alright he didn't really seem to hit the mark with the hard to please Toronto market. To be honest I don't think he was exactly reaching his target audience.

    When Deer Tick did make it on the stage they dragged out quite a few slow songs, and skipped over a couple of my favourites.

    All the shining moments for me included Matt Vasquez from Delta Spirit. The man can sing, and truly he made my night. Unfortunatly I didn't make it through to the end. It was song after song after song, some good, some bad, and they threw that guy from Dawes up on the mic one too many times for me to bear.