• Silversun Pickups / MUSE

    28 Feb 2010, 14:34 de seankirkland

    Sat 27 Feb – Muse

    This show was crazy and amazing. I'm not a huge Muse fan, but had missed them when they opened for U2 last year. Heard they were excellent as the opener so I had to check it out. Silversun Pickups were decent; I really enjoy their albums, but this live performance was very muddy in terms of audio quality. Partly, I think that's their sound, but it wasn't so good to listen to in the Arena. However, they still rocked out. I'd like to see them headline somewhere so they could redeem themselves.

    When Muse went on...Wow. Not only was the sound louder and clearer, but the energy was non-stop. The stage setup, lights, effects were all very clever and fit perfectly with their show and themes. Musically, they're very strong. The played an hour straight before even stopping to talk. The drummer is incredible. The bass player kicked. And, Matthew, the lead singer/guitarist was all-around amazing. Singing, he's got a great voice and showed it to its full potential. …