The Brixton Academy, currently labeled as the O2 Academy, Brixton, is one of London’s leading music venues, nightclubs and theatres. Situated in Brixton, South London, England, the building has hosted a range of leading rock acts since becoming a music venue in 1983. The maximum capacity is 4,921 (3,760 standing downstairs; 1,083 seated and 78 standing in the circle), alternatively the all-seated capacity is 2,391.

As one of the biggest non-arena venues in London it attracts many big names and has seen many famous bands perform there. The venue has also been voted venue of the year twelve times since 1994 in the annual NME Awards, but ironically, only failing to win when the award was sponsored by Carling. In addition the venue has won the Music Week Award for Venue of the Year several times including 2009.

Heavy metal band Iron Maiden played a charity gig at Brixton Academy for their previous drummer Clive Burr in June 2007. It was billed as an intimate setting for hardcore Iron Maiden fans. The concert also featured Lauren Harris and the Indian rock band Parikrama, making them the first Indian band to ever play at Brixton.

In September 2007, the Carling Academy Brixton was announced at the venue for the Sex Pistols comeback concerts in November. All three gigs (8th, 9th and 10th) sold out in less than five minutes. A fourth and fifth gigs were later added for the 12th and 14th.

Rammstein, Massive Attack, The Clash, The Prodigy, Arcade Fire, Nine Inch Nails, Bob Dylan, HARD-Fi and Sex Pistols have all played five consecutive nights at the venue. The Mighty Boosh broke this record in 2008 with their second live show Boosh Live, playing seven consecutive nights.

Leftfield set the venue’s decibel record in 1996. They were summarily banned from using the same sound system at the venue after the high bass levels started disintegrating the ceiling, resulting in showers of dust and plaster. They returned in 2000 using a different sound system.

The Smiths’ last gig was at Brixton Academy on 12 December, 1986.

Sepultura played in Brixton Academy their last show with former singer/rhythm guitarist Max Cavalera in 1996.

Faith No More played their first reunion show here on June 10, 2009.

Lady Gaga played at the venue as part of her European leg of the Fame Ball Tour on July 14 2009.

Albums recorded at Brixton

Part of Rammstein’s DVD Völkerball was recorded in the venue between February 3-5, 2005.

Hole recorded their 1995 MTV Unplugged sessions there.

Motörhead recorded their 25th Anniversary concert on October 20, 2000 at Brixton Academy entitled 25 & Alive Boneshaker, released as DVD music video in 2001 and as an audio album later in 2003 under Live at Brixton Academy title, the latter featuring the façade of Carling Academy Brixton on the cover.

Franz Ferdinand recorded part of their 2 disc DVD at Brixton Academy in 2004.

David Gray recorded his concert on 16 December 2000 as the album Live At Brixton Academy December 2000.

Machine Head recorded their live CD Hellalive at the Brixton Academy on December 8, 2001. This CD was released on March 11, 2003.

Moby recorded his concert on 19 May 2005 and a double CD of the recording was available to buy at the venue after the show.

Jimmy Eat World recorded their concert on 18 February 2008 and a double CD of the recording was available to buy at the venue after the show and also online. The show was a sell-out despite not having a major hit in the UK.

* Space Ritual Alive, a 1972 live album by Hawkwind, recorded in 1972 at Brixton Sundown and Liverpool.
* Academy, a 1989 VHS video by New Order was recorded live at the Brixton Academy on April 4, 1987 as part of the International AIDS Day fund-raising season
* Live at the Brixton Academy, a 1991 live album by Faith No More, recorded in 1990.
* Live at the Brixton Academy, a 1994 live album by The Brian May Band.
* Live at Brixton Academy, a 1999 live album by Atari Teenage Riot.
* Under a Pale Grey Sky, 2002 live album by Sepultura
* Live at Brixton Academy, a 2003 live album by Motörhead, recorded in 2000.
* Scarred: Live at Brixton Academy, a 2003 live album by Gary Numan, recorded in 2001.
* Live at Brixton Academy, a 2003 live DVD by the Inspiral Carpets.
* Live in London, a 2003 live album by Judas Priest, recorded in 2001.
* Rumble In Brixton, a 2004 live album and DVD by Stray Cats.
* Live at Brixton Academy, a 2004 live album and DVD by Dido.
* Good Charlotte Live at Brixton Academy, a 2004 DVD by Good Charlotte
* Live at Brixton Academy, a Limited Edition DVD recorded in 2004 for Groove Armada’s album Lovebox, released for their Best Of album.
* Live at Brixton Academy London, UK 11/13/07, a Limited Edition CD recorded by Concert Live for Alexisonfire, and distributed after the show
* Live In The UK 2008 at Brixton Academy 1 February 2008, a Limited Edition CD recorded by Concert Live for Paramore, and distributed immediately after the show
* The Poison: Live At Brixton, a 2006 live DVD by Bullet For My Valentine
* Edgy In Brixton, a 2007 live DVD by The Fratellis
* Live In The UK at Brixton Academy 3 May 2008, a Limited Edition CD recorded by Concert Live for The Wombats, and distributed after the show
* Live from Brixton Academy, a live recording from the band Kasabian, available only from some digital download services and encumbered with DRM. It was recorded at Brixton Academy on December 15, 2004. This was the band’s final show of their momentous breakthrough year, and band member Sergio Pizzorno’s birthday.
* There Will Always Be an England, a live DVD and Documentary recorded in 2007 for Sex Pistols
* Pendulum recorded a live DVD in Brixton on the 4th December 2008

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