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  • I've some Seattle bands in my page
  • Check it out!
  • Seattle has more than one sound! Indie-Industrial-Rock-Female-Fronted from Capitol Hill, SEATTLE!
  • Grunge Blog ~~>
  • What would we do without Seattle? Where the fuck would music be today?
  • yeaaaah
  • First shout in 2012 here. Happy new year Seattle! i luv u
  • New Music, Free Downloads, Seattle... [url][/url]
  • best best best best
  • not as long as we live
  • Do you think that grunge is dead?
  • what would rock be without seattle?
  • just now . 0o... ...o0 about the death of osama: was just reminded that it was HIM who killed my Theta Chi buddy: buzz bomb struck the side of the ship, killing him.
  • Chris Newman was a Portland, Oregon songwriter, singer, and guitarist. In 1981, Wipers' Greg Sage recorded his bands' first tracks for his Trap label. In 1984, Chris's band, Napalm Beach, recorded this album, Pugsley, on 4 track and distributed it on cassette at the bands numerous gigs in Portland and Seattle, where it caught the attention of many in the underground... Then it was lost for many years. A few weeks ago, a local record store owner transferred the tape he purchased in 1985 to MP3 and gave it back to the songwriter. With Chris's permission, it is here to listen and download. If you like it, please pass the link on.
  • <3 Seattle.
  • :D love
  • my heart live in seattle !
  • Blue Scholars!!
  • I ♥ Seattle
  • Thank You God for Seattle!
  • Kurt Cobain meets Buzzcocks in 1994 (Unseen till Nov 2010)
  • the best music
  • i heart Seattle:)
  • Seattle isn't a rainy aquatic dystopia, nor is it a synonym for grunge. In fact, one of my favorite things about Seattle is the wide variety of beaches and parks.
  • Seattle weather is wonderful. Look at the numbers. It never gets ungodly hot. It never gets extremely cold. The yearly rainfall is NOT as heavy as people think. I'm not a plant. I don't need to be out in the Sun all day every day.
  • 3 of my top 8 artists are from Seattle. such an amazing scene.
  • How in the hell is our weather depressing? We are well balanced. every day's weather is different. In fact, we are in one of the most beautiful locations in the world.
  • post-grunge russia
  • I'm sick of people calling Seattle weather, or northwest weather "depressing". Yeah, for most of the year, it's gray and raining.. but then summer rolls around and we have as good weather as anywhere in the country.. and we appreciate it more than most.
  • Grunge.............
  • If you like hiphop, check out:
  • For some Seattle songwriting visit...
  • Crap weather yeilds better music. Otherwise you'd get songs like that 'thong song', right?
  • Foo Fighters aren't from Seattle or even the Pacific NW. They're from the bowels of someone with a bad case of diarrhea.
  • Had a great thrash metal scene too with Metal Church, Forced Entry and a few others in the late 80's.
  • "jasonbell tagged Meat Puppets, Mudhoney and Mark Lanegan with seattle. yesterday morning" The Meat Puppets were from Arizona not Seattle. So not only are all bands that inspired Nirvana grunge but also are from Seattle. you people are ridiculous.
  • This city has given birth to some of the best bands ever. Is it the climate? Is it the rainy weather? Is it the food? Is it the water? lol Great music!
  • damn you grunge!!!
  • Beavis and Butt-Head approve
  • lot of energy
  • I want to go...

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