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  • wtf with this shoutbox
  • Please, try songs of this new band. It just started its existance with fresh EP. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Post comments with your opinions.
  • xDD
  • A Very little indie band from Sweden! Unbelievably good! I'm the only one who scrobbling them .. :c Listen! ... ... ...
  • <3 love indie rock
  • Talentless music for brainless kids
  • quote from mark prindle (aka god) " what we're seeing now are indie rock bands whose roots are other indie rock bands. With no background in punk or hardcore, bands like Modest Mouse, Animal Collective and The Decemberists are 'rock' bands only in the very loosest sense. They have electric guitars and drums, but few of them seem to have the slightest interest in channelling the energy and aggression that powered not just punk rock but rock'n'roll itself in its infancy. In fact, I'd say that 95% of the stuff Pitchfork champions is the complete antithesis of rock'n'roll -- drab, slow, adult-friendly artists like Deerhunter, Beach House and Bon Iver. In other words, a subgenre literally created by punk rockers has slowly, surely converted into a form of music that is just begging for an aggressive new musical wave to blow its boring, tedious pretensions out of the water."
  • arctic monkeys and arcade fire are considered indie rock? ok, sure. whatever. that's not insulting in the slightest.
  • im indie king
  • This is all post-punk/garage-rock/indie pop/alternative. Indie rock was Pixies, Dinosaur Jr, Pavement, Built to Spill. Not this stuff.
  • This is Alternative Rock! Nothing indie about it!
  • Мы играем инди И это очень модно. Это так пиздато, Что я не могу прям.
  • strokes (L)
  • cu
  • 70's Progressive Rock >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  • it's so good
  • omFg aghahJjan
  • O rock é rio mas eu sou mais
  • thought you could maybe like this
  • ugh
  • indie rock lol was classic rock not good enough
  • Pessoal, não quero ser chato, mas, minha banda daqui da região metropolitana (canoas) tá concorrendo à uma viagem pra tocar em um festival em SP, e isso seria MUITO MASSA pra nós, é super importante, quem quiser votar em nós e escutar nosso som, tá aqui o link agradeço de coração a quem nos ajudar!
  • love yo、cuz we like
  • Followback.
  • New Wave/Postpunk/Alternative
  • guyz i hv a new hip hop song yooo yooo
  • @vik_nash: I hope that was sarcastic.
  • bitches be like.........
  • indie's the best
  • Can I have a minute of your time? Thank you!
  • best genre ever
  • asshole comment of the day ↓↓↓↓↓
  • Hey guys, do you know Kabul Dreams? They play really great music and they're the first rock band from Afghanistan!
  • the four top artists on the right >>>>>>>>>>>>>> the four on the left
  • Корытники. Нет такого тега, есть alternative. Ещё бы post-indie нарисовали
  • Brilliant genre. Never bores me.
  • хуй
  • v useless comment
  • useless genre
  • Los Invito a escuchar por a Píldoras Morrison:
  • What's wrong with free press? Everybody deserves a shot!
  • Everywhere we look... advertising. If it isn't some company it's some artist looking for free press.
  • An article about new spanish rock music:
  • livres para adorar
  • Runoflife, советую убавить резкость своих выражений и не судить предвзято о том, о чем понятия не имеешь. А если высказываешь свое мнение, то лучше бы послушал для начала.


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