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  • @Morindil Wow that was the worst comment I've ever seen in the history of this entire website
  • lol such metal much e-guitars so fail wow
  • Проще говоря безобразная форма дума
  • what's next? post-hard rock?
  • There is only one TRUE doomcore — EP bong-ra vs igorrr
  • Yes I can agree that there is no such genre in metal as Doomcore. I have come to know doomcore as an Industrial hardcore techno genre. Such artists that are labeled as doomcore are Raum 107, Omnicide, Starving Insect, Embrionyc, The Relic and Sound Abuse. Usually doomcore is an extremely slower form of darkcore ranging in BPM from 105-150. This is how I have come to know it. I could be wrong.
  • dafuq? I listen to a lot of metal, hardcore punk and some hardcore techno and there is certainly no such metal/hardcore punk subgenre called 'doomcore'. Both the description and any of the non hc techno artists can be adequately labelled as sludge. In terms of hardcore techno it seems legit but I don't really know. I'm guessing it is just darkcore/industrial hardcore but with slower sections and a dark ambient influence. Is that right?
  • yay! now we need gothicore and folkcore
  • lol
  • Doomcore is not a metal genre at all. The true one is "Sludge". Doomcore is a hardcore techno subgenre guys ! :) Check Hibou, Dr. Macabre, The outside Agengy to have an idea of how is sounds.

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