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  • настоящий DA никакая херка не убьет -ума не хватит))) Не беспокойтесь)
  • Check out my new album. 2 ritual songs and a dreamy one. ;)
  • Dead Can Dance не слишком коммерческий проект, хоть и достаточно популярны, да. И вообще не волнуйся так, в любом жанре в "лучших исполнителях" будут указаны левые не относящиеся к жанру артисты. DA убьют херки и блекари. Уже, в общем-то.
  • Готика убила к хуям этот жанр своим мерзким оттенком романтики - не удивительно, сколько тут коммерческих проектов: Antimatter, Arcana, Dargaard, Dark Sanctuary, Dead Can Dance, Die verbannten Kinder Evas, Elend, Karl Sanders, Midnight Syndicate, Mortiis, Nox Arcana...тысячи их! Даёшь чистоту жанра - долой ХЕРню
  • Hello. My name is Senefera and I'm an Dark Ambient radioholic.
  • I love this subgenre
  • Meczûp, Hanging from the Purgatory's Pendulum;
  • I recommand Mort from Blut aus Nord, really special.
  • WTF is a [url=]djOD[/url] ...?
  • die modus
  • los quiero mucho a todos
  • It's not commercial music project dedicated for person who have changed my life.. "TIKK" - ambent / dark ambient / atmospherica
  • Russian (Drone/Dark ambient) or
  • does anyone knows a good INSTRUMENTAL dark ambient band???? any recomendations???
  • I'm really enjoying these kind of stuff.
  • Hello, please check out my dark ambient music project, called 'After [Life]'.
  • Dark ambient from Finland: and free downloads at
  • Any recommendations for ambient/dark ambient music with elements of the sounds of cities or something industrial like Charlie Clouser or Mark Morgan? Write to my inbox, Thanks.
  • ilikemetal: blak metulz nevar been geeky!
  • If this genre is geeky then I'm proud to be a geek. I am a total geek anyway. The truth is, no one gives a fuck. In the alternative world, you're allowed to like, listen to and do as you wish so long as it makes you happy.
  • New EP "Birds" from Snake Surikov: Listen and download!
  • interesting music yeahhh
  • Being geeky is cool nowadays... So anyone that says this genre is geeky... IS AS A MATTA O' FACT right.
  • SUNN O)))!!!!!!
  • ...the last comment is extremely stupid. Are you referring to "geeky" as being bad.. or what? Dark ambient is fucking amazing, and if you had any taste you'd realize this. Moron.
  • DVKE \,,/
  • First Fallen Star (USA) dark ambient / experimental label
  • Nox Arcana, Burzum, Arcana, Antimatter - lolwut
  • To Mega Therion - Celtic Frost - lolwut
  • Looking to delve more into this genre. Any particular albums I should check out? (I've only heard Heresy)
  • no problem ^_^ hope you enjoy them!
  • Herbst9 I would say is just as good as Lustmord, possibly better (I actually discovered Herbst9 first, which then introduced me to Lustmord... so I'm probably a little biased). And Coil is amazing, if you've never heard them you HAVE to check them out.
  • lustmord, coil and herbst9 = ♥
  • loving hete is eternal dark ambient i have that work
  • free music (experimental/electronic/ambient)
  • In Slaughter Natives and Deutsch Nepal should be on this list.
  • Hello all! New musical project
  • Alright peeps, on the offchance anyone spots this and knows any tunes/artists that will suit give me a hollar.... I'm a DJ that mostly plays Dark techno/breakbeat/electro... and i was wondering if anyone knew of any really good Dark Ambient tunes that are played at a much faster than the norm BPM for this genre.... something in the relms of 125-140pbm would be fine, its mainly for a good eirie starting to my sets/mix CDs... i dont really want to have to speed up slow tunes from this genre too much especially as they are so intricate with the drums/cymbals and it would loose its feeling.... anyway, please do let me know if you have any ideas Cheers, Muiro
  • aiuto
  • nox arcana as most tagged artist + a shoutbox full of spam = epic fail


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