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Chiptune ist eine Bezeichnung für Musikstücke, die vorwiegend mit 8-Bit-Soundchips von Videospielkonsolen (Gameboy, C64, NES, Atari XL ...) erzeugt werden oder diese emulieren. Vergleiche 8bit und fakebit.




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  • Disasterpeace and C418 are the BOMB!!!
  • 8 bit artcore
  • check out all the free music at [label]Explodivision[/label]
  • Hello! In case you are interested, I just released digitally an album called Dreamnesia, thought as the soundtrack for a videogame, and inspired by chiptune music. The full album can be downloaded for free here: (in various formats), and also here: (in lossless FLACs). You can also follow me at if you want to :) Hope you like it!
  • I've just now re-released digitally my album that was only available on vinyl for years, Emotions Gemini. It's 8-bit/chiptune bleepin' and left-field whacky. You can find it here: For more of my non-commercial releases: Chiptunes are radness incorporated! Andy Abstract.
  • It seems like everyone's a chiptune artist these days. I'm no different :D Therefore, if you want some crazy ass differently sounding (breakbeats and more aggressive) chiptune music, have a listen or two of SINAGE recently released EP album about pure emotions caught on sound!
  • Please, visit, listen, and all that jazz...
  • Oriental notes, dissonances, and a little harmony.

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