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  • This is a great tag. Thrash metal that is brutal. Great stuff!
  • "or Exhorder... exhorder is just normal groove band" - Actually, Exhorder have a lot in common with Demo Hammer. They're not "just normal groove". They're straight-up thrash with a few slower riffs here and there, at least on their first album. (Haven't heard The Law).
  • Brutal thrash metal does not exist. < Have you ever listened to Morbid Saint or Demo Hammer's Epidemic of Violence?
  • Desctruction isn't brutal.
  • Where is Sadus???????????????
  • Brutal thrash metal does not exist. [2]
  • Death Angel are anything but "brutal".
  • What brutal thrash metal is: Demo Hammer, Devastation, Protector, Solstice, Overthrow, Laceration. What brutal thrash metal is not: Soulfly.
  • Devastation!
  • @Metalmilitiant Yeah and you right those first two albums sounds like Death Metal being born. I still don't see why Chuck gets to be called the father of death metal when their were bands far more brutal than them before the genre came into term Possessed "Seven Churches" had more energy brutality and it sound more scarier than scream bloody gore. But Kreator's "Endless Pain" and "Pleasure to kill" were in my opinion the mosst brutal albums to come in the eighties

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