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Alternative Metal ist ein Oberbegriff für mehrere moderne Spielarten des Metal. Sie sind musikalisch sehr divergent und zeichnen sich im Allgemeinen durch experimentelle Inhalte aus, wie z. B. unkonventionelle Texte, Tempowechsel oder ungewöhnliche Instrumente. Es gibt keine einheitlichen stilistischen Merkmale, bis auf die Verbindung von Metal mit anderen Musikstilen.




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  • Nobody I know ever used "alternative metal" tag to describe nu metal, grunge or hardcore bands in the 90's. Calling System of a Down or Deftones alternative to ...what? Black Sabbath? Napalm Death? This tag / genre barely makes any sense.
  • "Most of these bands are Nu Metal bullshit." Nu Metal is a sub-genre of Alternative Metal you f*cking idiot.
  • offbeat metal from L.A.
  • Well the early major Nu Metal bands played a sound similar to early Korn because they were the 'godfathers' of course. For example Coal Chamber, whom notably were around at the same time as Korn: Playing live [url=]here[/url] in 1994)". I think "Unspoiled" has a similar riff to one in Korn's "Predicatable". There are a lot Korn's techniques employed in early Staind, Limp Bizkit and Coal Chamber. For instance the way Borland jumps strings in between certain notes, and how the bass is frequently used as a rhythmic instrument. Only later did the second wave adapt various different styles, perhaps with the exception of the Deftones who were unique in their own right. Snot sounded similar to Rage. The second wave adapted Industrial (e.g mid era Fear Factory, Dope, Static-X, American Head Charge etc.) and an array of other genres into a groovy, (low) detuned & metallic sound.
  • Also I think it is the latin influence, combined with typical Nu Metal groove, that ties mid era Sepultura and Soulfly to Nu Metal. Plus, Max co-wrote and featured on Deftones' "Headup" and Fred Durst did feature on a Soulfly song. I consider Soulfly and mid era Sepultura a more metallic version of Ill Nino (due to the obvious latin influences in all 3 bands.) Finally, I would not consider Linkin Park a Nu Metal band at all, even on their first 2 albums.
  • Well, it definetly makes sense; although i used to consider a some kind of nu-metal "core" bands (Korn, Deftones, Coal Chamber) and "periphery" that deviates in different ways from a nu-metal canon but still are nu-metal (that is, late Slipknot and various Linkin Park-like stuff too). Ironically it ruins my previous statement about "crucial influence" but by this i meant those influences that are сommon for a majority of bands in a varying degree. BTW i'm always hesitant about mid-90s Sepultura and early Soulfly stuff.
  • As I mentioned, there is no distinct/obvious difference between Hip-Hop/Funk/Punk influenced bands "alternative" bands like Rage and "Nu" bands like Snot. What I have noticed though is Nu Metal riffs are often more abrupt in pulse & riff style, had thicker guitar sound (with more low end and bass) and had a creepy atmosphere (from Mr. Bungle style riffs & pedals.) Nu Metal was simply a wave/sub-genre of Alternative Metal and was a media term, to define a certain time period of heavy music, rather than a distinct sub-genre. If Rage Against the Machine had been born at the same period Korn, Limp Bizkit, Coal Chamber and Deftones were born, then maybe they would have been dubbed that too. However, I would consider the latter 4 bands & (early) Kittie, Snot, Mudvayne & Slipknot Nu Metal. To make it even more confusing there is also Rap Metal, plus lots of bands (e.g. Slipknot, Kittie, Deftones) changed to Alternative Metal & lots of bands cross over to Groove Metal also.
  • So what bands would you consider a pure nu-metal then?
  • "I think grunge influence is crucial for nu metal besides groove metal and funk/hip-hop." I disagree. You could argue a band like Kittie, who were strongly influenced by Grunge and have a 'grungy' guitar tone throughout their discography, played both Nu Metal in their "Spit" days and later Alternative/Groove Metal. What defined them as Nu Metal on "Spit" was mixing groove and downtuned heaviness with Techno break beats and flirtations with Hip-Hop (in songs like "Brackish".) Of course it is mainly Hip-Hop/Funk, but as I mentioned, other genres cross paths and are added to the Nu Metal palette.

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