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ZTS founded the circle "CODE ZTS LABEL" in 1999 and has since started to release arranged and original music.

Nowadays, he is mostly known for his long trancy tracks (8-9min), but from ~1999-2002 he did rather 'normal' upbeat music (5-6min). His music from 2003-2006 takes a stab at a great variety of genres.

Known hobbies are arcade games, shoot'em ups and visual novels.


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  • the guy has created the best ost for umineko tbh
  • Namely, and
  • He released two new tracks
  • "4 из твоих друзей слушают zts" - откуда вы у меня вообще в друзьях взялись?
  • @amourlevant His Umineko-related stuff feels entirely different from his other works, by the way.
  • ". . .a Japanese musician known for visual novel compositions and arrangements, notably his contributions to the visual/sound novel Umineko no naku koro ni." Is this truly the popular opinion? I personally think that his wide offering of remixes/re-arrangements (whichever you find more appropriate to call them) are far more worth note.
  • SelfRegards 3 is awesome guise! A must Buy / Listen!!!!!!!!
  • his stuff for halfpipe tokyo is amazing!
  • i really really hope he's released more stuff ;~; his stuff in lovemachine are absolutely amazing, i really really love iconoclasm and rotater ;~;
  • Very good alternative to Linkup's releases, good old chillin' emotional Trance music :D

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