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  • Já foi bom.
  • UGLY is like a DOGMA's bonus tracks,perfect ❤
  • Ruki's clean singing saves this single, but only by an inch.
  • Ugly EP is much better than most of Dogma tbh
  • I cannot wait their new single 'UGLY' !!!!!! YaY..... THE BEST BAND EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I love them! <3
  • I didn't know Yune joined another band...
  • vv You're right. Sometimes my jokes go overboard. It was too much.
  • Calm Envy, that song ... I have never been so touched deeply in my soul by a song before. I want to cry each time I listen to it. Such a masterpiece ...
  • vvvvv Damn. Did you really have to do Stacked Rubbish like that?
  • Then again, I suspect that incoherence is a plague-like characteristic that will remain in VK until the said scene eventually dies out *shrug*
  • In all honesty, (from what I've inspected) BD seems to be their most coherent release to date (quite suitable in case you are more of an album-listener than some biased individual chunez-wacking person) - sure, DIM has some of their strongest numbers to date, but it's quite far away from being anything consistent/coherent (totally out-of-place SEs and questionable song positions near the end).
  • vv lmaoooooo
  • Don't forget to support the artists by buying their music. Here's information on where to buy the physical and digital versions of DOGMA in Europe, which include translation sheets: NIL, STACKED RUBBISH and DIM have also been re-released on CD, and also appear on Spotify within Europe.
  • you could was stacked rubbish
  • tbh their recent albums were all weak but at least had those 2-3 catchy songs that kinda stood out but dogma was just a pile of bland goo
  • If you remove Inside Beast, Beautiful Deformity was better than this. Actually, you don't even have to do it. This album was so forgettable [2]. Weak lyrics, weak melodies... I was expecting a darker album, not a heavier one. I'm a bit disappointed. They can do better than that. There are some good songs (Wasteland, Deux and another?), but in general... DOGMA is just generic.
  • this album was so forgettable
  • On the other hand, my second impression was much better (as always, because as a fan I'm a great pain in the neck hahah) Ruki's voice only goes greater, you know. I just can't deny it (I agree in a certain point that his voice is a little generic, but still). I positively differentiate Dogma, Deracine, Grudge, Deux and Ominous. The last three had actually made me cry because they do have the -guitars- I love to listen, not to mention Ruki's techniques made me chill. I believe that they can do better than this, but I'm not disappointed at all. I'm kind of neutral and still processing everything. Well, these motherfuckers actually changed me as a musician, they'll be amazing and special for ever. Sorry for the long commentaries. And my english.
  • DOGMA's concept is amazing. Actually, all conceptual work made by the GazettE have always been amazing to me. The lyrics are touching as always (but I believe Ruki can always go deeper than that), because there are so amazing lyrics from other songs, you know, as deep as DOGMA's, but with much more content and combination of words and nicer meanings. I hope you get me from this one >< I've listened to the full album 2 times until now and I can say my first impression was ''damn, this is boring, all songs sound the same''. I agree with the generic riffs, Ruki screams in all songs and it's very repetitive (not saying it's not cool, but you get tired of it in certain point). If Aoi and Uruha play differently and have different positions at the band, I naturally hope lots of different sounds coming from both sides. Their guitars were... kind of disappointing. I won't say anything about Reita or Kai because I have zero basis to do so.
  • Yes, lynch. is boring. coldrain might be generic, but it's easy to listen to.
  • @Seelentau Lynch is pretty boring tho.I Can't say nothing about the other band since I'm not a big fan of generic metalcore.
  • "I really adore Ruki's voice on DOGMA." So do I.
  • I really adore Ruki's voice on DOGMA.
  • DIM>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>everything else in their disco. I'd even lay a small wager they'll never top it tbh. DOGMA was boring af.
  • I agree that the riffs are pretty generic, but i think Ruki sounds great on this album.
  • What happened to Ruki's clean voice (he sounds like visual kei bands from 2002) and scream? Seriously, DOGMA is the only album from all bands I love that I didn't like one single song.
  • Jrockfanboy (and anyone else who screams 'hater' to those who dislike this album), you need to lay down the obvious fanboy in you and listen to this album with a clean mind that isn't biased towards this band. There are dozens of other bands nowadays in the scene that have proven they can write the exact same E-and A-string melodies as any other group. There is nothing new or fresh about this, there are no distinguishable riffs or vocal lines, no melodies that one can distinguish as a band's possible anthem-like songs. It is not bad, no — but it is generic and bland, and the band has unfortunately taken themselves onto a lower pedestral with this, which is very disappointing. It is like they simply depend on the fact that their horde of fans will purchase their music and support them regardless of the quality of their music. And this isn't bad, no, but it's a let-down for the people who look for something in their music other than pretty men and flaunted thighs.
  • To me, they sound exactly like lynch., for example. And this Ruki guy has that typical Japanese rock voice every band has, except for bands like Dir en grey or coldrain. I'm not saying that it's bad, I listened to DOGMA thrice now. But it's also nothing special, the album sounds the same most of the time.
  • Generic my ass. Check out their earlier stuff and dare to say that again. While their newer stuff is not that great it is still pretty good and definetely doesn't sound like any other jrock band. Also saying that Ruki's voice is generic is laughable.
  • DOGMA <3
  • DIM>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Stacked Rubbish>>>>>>everything else. That said I think you should listen to DIM before dismissing the band completely. While they are a completely mediocre band they do have one good release.
  • Heard them for the first time. They sound like every other J-Rock band. Generic riffs, generic voice. Completely mediocre band.
  • @PIXYFALSE_ has pretty much described this album:boring as fuck.
  • Beautiful Deformity is a far better than DOGMA. At least it was diverse throughout, and didn't just sound like the same song on loop. Very disappointed in this new album.
  • DOGMA ♥♥♥
  • Their best album since DIM. Fuck the haters.
  • This is an utterly boring album. From the beginning to the start it's one long droning noise of repetitiveness. I've listened through it fives times now and I cannot distinguish one song from another. Just like every other 'Visual Kei' band, they're trying to implement this metalcore noise in their sound, and the only thing it achieves is that it sounds exactly like all those other bands.
  • Glad this album is better than the flop that was Beautiful Deformity [4]
  • I don't have one negative thing to say about DOGMA.
  • Качественный тяжеловастенький альбом. Но весьма скучный... :/
  • DOGMA ♥
  • DOGMA is good. But not amazing. That's all.
  • I liked BD as much as I like DOGMA now.
  • Glad this album is better than the flop that was Beautiful Deformity [3]
  • I.CAN'T.BREATHE. [2] Just in love with DOGMA ♥ [2]
  • Glad this album is better than the flop that was Beautiful Deformity[2]
  • the new album not as good as stacked rubbish but still better than division / toxic


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