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  • I miss IORI :( [3]
  • I miss IORI :( [2]
  • I miss IORI :(
  • I wonder why all the pictures with Iori included are downvoted. It was initially their project together, after all.
  • oh lawdy lawd. some people take this music way too seriously.
  • And everybod forgot this band in 2 days because Jun looks hotter in the new one. Who cares about music, anyway? Its called Visual for something, right? Stupid teenage girls.
  • ahahahahah madygrain why the hell are you so pressed about such a harmless comment. take a chill pill u creepy sperg
  • You look seriouly bothered though. Good luck supporting a japanese dude posting hearts on so he can deal with his tough, tough decisions such as being in the most promising band since Cuckoo lol.
  • Wow, dude, do you really not have anything better to do with your life than pick fights with people you don't even know? Ok, whatever. I'll support Jun in my way, you support him in yours. Let's just leave it at that. Live, and let live. I don't need to explain myself to you, nor can I be bothered.
  • I am not asking you not to be a fangirl. I also like Spiv States and I have supported that project all the ways I could. And judging form his ameblo and tweets he just feels pressure about the new work load that will require staring over again and the shame of being kicked out from Danger Crue. I will continue to support him and his new band if I think the music worth it. I am not asking you to feel shame or to stop supporting your cute photoshoped idol. I am asking you to see the things with perspective. He has been unable to gather anyone to work with him since he released fotari no hoshi, has been unable release anything or to do proper lives. He has been expulsed of one of the biggest labels on the scene. Starting a new band with another two big names and with the freedom of being on a indie label runned by a friend and being able to fully control his buiness IS NOT A FUCKING THOUGH DECISION TO MAKE. I would be surprised if he had any other choice than comming back to Under Code.

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