• This week's haul

    16. Sep. 2005, 23:42 von Fidgital

    This week's additions to the music collection are many, and with only one exception, were purchased at 50% off as part of A&B Sound's unadvertised pre-Christmas inventory reduction. And I really did well - all of these are good or great albums.

    So, let's deal with the exception first! Dave Holland Big Band's Overtime. I bought this because I was attracted by cover, as well as the sticker written only in French: "DownBeat 2004: 5 prix des lecteurs dont Best Jazz Artist, Best Big Band et Best Acoustic Bass Player, prix des critiques: Artist of Year pour la dexieme annee consecutive. Grammy Award pour son premier album en big band." Well, thought I, 50,000,000 Elvis fans can't be wrong! And I was right to think so - the album is wonderful, emotional, and with some fantastic funky drumming. The band reminds me of J.J. Johnson's late 1990's big band, as well as Buddy Rich's mid-70's group. Great album! Four and a half stars.