• it just begins

    23. Mär. 2006, 17:04 von vakuum

    KINN is a three piece band from Berlin: Guitar: Frank Schültge Blumm whose releases on labels like Staubgold, Tomlab and Audio Dregs go back to 1993, his latest album (‘Zweite Meer’) came out on Morr Music in 2005. Bass: Marcel Türkowsky whose solo-Performances as a tape-artist will
    soon find their way on a split LP with ‘Zeitkratzer’ Reinhold Friedl
    on Bremen’s Happy Zloty label.
    Drums: Jan Thoben who released on Beau Rivage and plays in bands like
    Gaston and Taunus. KINN build up analogue loops and stumbling digital transformation with their instruments and electronic extensions. They create a unique musical suction; with which they achieve a wide range of dynamics and modes. Polyrhythmic structures and tonally diverse patterns flow in a sonic stream slowly morphing into rocky passages and leaving off for chamber-club-music. On “Karlshorst” KINN convincingly integrate field recordings into the rhythm and tonality of their instrumental playing. …