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Zechs Marquise formed in El Paso in the spring of 2003, taking its name from a popular Japanese anime character. In June 2006 the band released "34:26", a live improvised set culled from their frequent west coast tours. The group's first proper full length Our Delicate Stranded Nightmare was produced and recorded by the band throughout 2008. In May 2009, Zechs Marquise signed on to the management roster at Sargent House and released Our Delicate Stranded Nightmare on LP… mehr erfahren



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  • Avatar für moatilliatta12
    Prehistoric progressive rock.
  • Avatar für faithlessss
    Der Inhalt dieses Shouts ist nicht verfügbar.
  • Avatar für x__iceicebaby
    I need more.
  • Avatar für coltaine22
    Self-indulgent garbage for the most part. 34:26 is good, though. I can imagine them being a killer live act.
  • Avatar für SoDoM7
    Progressive band with a name of one GW characters? Interesting
  • Avatar für Spinnbar
    in my hot rotation, all two releases!
  • Avatar für mortauxvaches_
    Fuck me!
  • Avatar für gacktxrawr
    The first album is good. I own it on vinyl. I would recommend it to those that are a fan of the second album. It is rather different.
  • Avatar für reiyeka
    This is the second band I've checked out solely on the name (used to be a huge GW fan, lol). It was a real WTF moment, as naming your band after Zechs is clearly genius…the music had to be nothing less than pure awesome…and it was! Luckily, you can sometimes judge a book by its title and still win. Score.
  • Avatar für NightXIII
    gundam wing sucks

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