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Tales from Topographic Oceans

Tales from Topographic Oceans



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  • This album really has been growing onto me lately. It's not a very accessible album and it might not be very appealling at first listen, but once you've got the hang of it, it rewards big time. I never understood why critics were so harsh on it upon release. I mean, complexity and awesome musicianship can't be a bad thing... This is, in my opinion, another Yes masterpiece that deserves more recognition. A very thrilling experience from start to finish.
  • i've got my fingers crossed for steven wilson's remix
  • I'm sure you're not alone. The world is full of people who play Candy Crush Saga while watching movies and watch funny cat videos while listening to music. I never meant to imply it was an impossibility to multitask while listening to Tales from Topographic Oceans, merely a waste of complex and carefully constructed music. But that's just my opinion. To each his own.
  • Lol really? I listen to this when I study.
  • Definitely one you have to be in the mood for. This isn't a "put it on and do chores around the house while it plays in the background" album. It demands -- and rewards -- close attention. The production really lets the album down, I will say. The drums sound weak and the separation of the instruments leaves a lot to be desired. Compare the way this one sounds to the way, say, Close to the Edge sounds. Anyway, this one isn't deserving of all the scorn that's been heaped upon it over the years. I feel like a lot of people just bash it to go along with the established consensus of it rather than listening closely and forming their own opinions.
  • also i love how wakeman left the album because they were turning into a bunch of wussies. a guy with long flowy blonde hair who wears glittery capes, playing his frilly synth solos... and he was too manly for these guys
  • you have to be in a /very/ specific mood for this album. i normally never bother with it, but sometimes it calls me, like it's doing today. and it's on these rare occasions where i realise the genius and craftmanship behind it. i probably wont listen to it for another 6 months, but I know when the time comes, it'll take me on it's journey again. and i'm looking forward to it
  • Гениально сделанный альбом, общая целостность поражает.
  • words can't explain the beautiful of this album
  • Many a time did Chris Squire admit this album was a bit too much. I say nothing on this album is too much. This is the pinnacle of musical freedom, with every second majestically unrestrained. It's mad and pompous, it's careless and meticulous, it's an experience. Whether I am sober and listening to it on Desolation Peak or frantically gnawing at it during an alcoholic or drug-induced fit, I enjoy every second of it. It takes 55 listenings to NOT understand it at all, and every time I feel all the subtleties fleeting from my grasp, but be it madness or genius this album is an adventure in sound. To hate it is to discriminate against carefree joy and orchestrated bliss.

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