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  • DrFloccin... you just made my day ^^ Exorcise... jesus had a wife, some dude found it written in a Coptic 4th Century Script recently.. bless her
  • jesus died with a hard-on. shh.
  • ha,,,,ha !!! beh i dont care if jesus was gay , i just tell you , germany has the best music .....
  • jesus was asexual btw <_<
  • genial!!!
  • noone knows if jesus was gay or not..haha.. xD funny discussion
  • Jesus was not gay!
  • JESUS WAS GAY!!!! =D
  • Jesus wasn't gay!
  • Non obtrusive. Perhaps that's the downfall.
  • "...воспитывался в доме священника" и трек Jesus Was Gay — этапять! lol
  • waiting for new album [2]
  • waiting for new album
  • When are they going to put out some new music. Great band. Hope they don't disappear into the music void.
  • One gay nigger was he!
  • they just other then other and I like that siet hmmm
  • Зашибись)
  • Jesus Was Gay <3
  • Oh, "Jesus was gay" is my personal gay hymn=)
  • XPQ -21are invincible <3
  • omg "What The Fuck You Want" is so sweet, the drums and "if u think that I'd give up, u'r bastards, u'r disgusting slaves... so wtf u want !!?!" ... yeah!
  • nice
  • the Alive album has some great tracks. like Dead Body, Rockin' Silver Knight, White And Alive, Saviour, Jesus Was Gay... btw about the similar artists list: i think Bands like Angelspit would fit better. i see similarities in the sound of both bands. ^^
  • That drumbeat in 'Jesus was Gay' is incredible
  • In your eyes there's a home for the children of the underground :)
  • I love em live!
  • man, 'Sequencial' on 67th place? Makes me wonder if you guys have even heard it! love it
  • shat myself.
  • Dead Body is an awesome song, with a (positively) strange sound, i never heard before :-D

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