• 2011 in way too many statistics.

    1. Jan. 2012, 19:27 von Passioneer

    How much of a loser does it make me that I've actually been looking forward to being able to do this for a couple weeks now? Clearly, I have no life.

    If, understandably, you choose to skip over this nonsense (sorry if you followed this link from some artist or track page thinking it would be something substantial), I'm currently partway through counting down my top twenty albums of the year here with download links and overly-wordy reviews and junk.

    And now, as per usual, my fifty most played artists. With play counts and position changes from last year. Bolded were not within last year's top fifty. Underlined are artists I hadn't properly listened to before this year.

    1. Deas Vail (731 plays)
    2. Grizzly Bear (622 plays)
    3. Wye Oak (592 plays)
    4. Laura Marling (569 plays) DOWN 2
    5. Bombay Bicycle Club (502 plays)
    6. Eisley (434 plays)
    7. The Antlers (415 plays) UP 11
    8. Sarah Slean (401 plays) UP 42
    9. Bright Eyes (384 plays) UP 31
    10. Fleet Foxes (379 plays)
    11. The Rosebuds (375 plays)