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  • One of a kind!
  • What are these guys doing nowadays???
  • Hope this new album come soon..
  • Definitely one of my favourite bands of all time
  • On their Facebook, like 2 decades ago, they said their new album is pretty much done. They said the album "JUST NEEDS A HOME"
  • On their Facebook, like 2 months ago, they said their new album is pretty much done. They said the album "JUST NEEDS A HOME"
  • Love em
  • I miss them.. make more music! [5]
  • I can listen to these guys over and over. Some of the most re-listenable music I've ever heard.... nothin' like em out there.
  • make more music[4]
  • i gotsa have me WFANFC... I GOTSA!!!
  • go forth!
  • make more music[3]
  • make more music[2]
  • make more music
  • Incredibly underrated.
  • Breaking Bad bitchezzzzz
  • Love these guys.
  • psychedelia reconfigured cool band (:
  • breaking bad
  • @xardasbanan13: I don't think so.
  • Your music puts me in such a great mood guys, you don't even know.
  • Fucking amazing band.
  • 1 092 000 Congratulations!
  • Believe me WhiteRedeemer, I know bands equally good, and much more undervalued.
  • how am I so late...
  • WFANFC is the most underrated band i've ever known, 48 831 listeners? This is joke, right?
  • New songs by Working for a Nuclear Free City composer/guitarist Gary McClure. Album coming 2012, AED Records
  • they're great! so glad i've found them <3
  • New album of songs by Gary McClure (wfanfc) with musical arrangements/production by Phil Kay (wfanfc) coming soon on AED Records. Follow @GaryMcClure for related news/audio and other stuff.
  • Thanks Pandora!
  • I've discovered this guys from the tv-show which is Breaking Bad. I never listen a music like theirs before. It's like, just as unique. Well, my favorite song is B.A.R.R.Y which is not included in that list, but you can listen from this -
  • Monsters !!!
  • I've discovered this band thanks to Infamous PS3 game. I love Silent Melody <3
  • troubled son is so great!
  • so where are the now? they are missing again...
  • None of the Top Tracks are from Jojo. As much as it pains me, I don't consider any of my top 10 WFANFC songs from Jojo either.
  • they're jerks.
  • AYG
  • i like them. but i have the impression that all their songs should be soundtrack for commercials.
  • heard their song on a buick regal commercial. it made me want a buick.
  • Please come to Berlin!!!
  • Their gig was the only bright moment in Manchester, England (=bunch of racist uneducated morons=my first personal contact with the mighty UK<)...and one of the best bands I've ever heard (live).
  • They kind of remind me of The Beta Band.


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