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  • It might be "generic rock" but I am loving Legend. Listenable as fuck
  • New album on the way! -
  • Agree, the last album kinda goes in the "generic rock" direction, though I love "It's not because of you". First three albums are awesome!
  • First album is a classic. 2nd album is great as well. Kinda went downhill after that though.
  • Sick. Best doom since Black Sabbath
  • Well, I guess you could say I now support Witchcraft.
  • Рашен витчкрафт, убейтесь о стену. Большего г...на в жизни не слышал
  • 'Legend' is awesome! [2]
  • Best band that I had knowed in 2014. Great work in the evolution on the guitars, drums and vocals among the newest albums. Awesome!
  • love swedish witchcraft
  • Can anyone give me a link to some website of this Finnish Witchcraft you guys are talking about? Because I know Swedish only.
  • Listen to Croatian Witchcraft now here \\m/
  • Discover more awesome rock bands nowadays like Witchcraft in . Welcome!
  • Legend is awesome
  • Firewood.... great album!!!
  • ouh yeah and i love EVERY Album from em..... and every Song. The Selftitled was the first burner. Firewood hold me warm and the newest Legend and the Alchemist before kicks my ass as same as the Self Titled one. Norrsken and the Magnus Pelander Solo Stuff really rulez too. As same as Troubled Horse with much members of Witchcraft. So keep on Witchcrafting! Greetz from Austria
  • Witchcraft isn´t shit it is the best Band for me in the World and has much morre potential than the Black Death Stuff from whoever... i listened too it.... wtf!!!!!!!!!! THIS ARE THE ONE AND ONLY REAL FINISH WITCHCRAFT. Awesome Dudes!
  • the finnish ones!
  • finish witchcraft aka blasphemous witchcraft once known as black feast. unholy kvlt beherit worship MOTHER FUCKERS!!!!!!!!
  • only black metal Witchcraft I listen to so WTF is this SHIT?!
  • I was looking for the Swedish band Witchcraft. Unfortunately suggests some songs of the Russian "gothic metal" band (obviously, with the same name Witchcraft). This disappoints me :(
  • Legends doesn't suck indeed, it has great moments, but their first album is simply magical.
  • The self titled is timeless greatness. I'll be listening to that when i'm old and grey for sure.
  • This band died when Magnus started to wear a fat suit!
  • The nameless album seem to have some "creepiness" other doom metal bands don't have.
  • Legend is one of the best rock albums i've ever heard. There's not a single weak moment and songs like Destruction, Alternative To Freedom and White Light Suicide is all time favorites for me. If they released this during the Led Zeppelin era it would be a classic. All of you that can't handle the change, please realise you're missing out on a masterpiece just because you don't want anything to ever change.
  • what the hell! imo Legend is their best release so far. I agree their sound has changed in this record but this record is friggin good. how can you not like those awesome drum rolls and those riffs that sends shivers from down the spine for eg, White Light suicide was an excellent track. Last summer I saw them live performing Legend album and what a kickass show it was.
  • someone add the hungarian bm band pls
  • Legend does not suck it just lacks that thick doom feeling we knew witchcraft about which may be alienating to some. This album combines many elements from Kyuss to progressive stuff successfully. (Good) bands evolve dude. Get over it.
  • Legend sucks really bad, like rotten human shit.
  • cypher geek can also eat a dick. legend rules.
  • telcom911, what a dickhead. Russian Witchcraft sucks while the play soulless pop music.
  • they cancelled their shows in greece
  • This telcom911 guy can eat a dick. Russian Progressive Metal, what is every song called Vodka, Nostrovia
  • a sensorial masturbation...
  • Witchcraft is a dark progressive metal band from Russia. It is the only one that matters, the rest should go. Have nice day .
  • Legend sucks.
  • depending on your music taste and knowledge you may here several 70s bands in Witchcraft, and yet they truly sound unique. Legend is maybe already legendary
  • witchcraft is over...
  • what a performance in Ilosaarirock
  • LEGEND ist geil!!!
  • GREAT BAND!! [3]
  • GREAT BAND!! [2]
  • great live performance, they were more than amazing in Hellfest.
  • wowwwwwwwwwwww Samaritan burden
  • Witchcraft live in the Netherlands Video is HD
  • Btw they won't play in Finland tomorrow but in Bergen (Norway)
  • By your definition is a great bonus track!


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