• Konkylie When Saints Go machine wrenches the spiritual out of the electric

    4. Jul. 2011, 3:24 von Groovemine

    Artist: When Saints Go Machine
    Album: Konkylie
    Label: !K7


    The Danish synth-pop group return for their excellent sophomore effort, a sonic landscape that sounds something like The Knife injected with a blanket of lushness, overlain by frontman Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild’s vocals, eerily similar to one of my favorite musicians, Antony Hegarty. More impressive still, the Vonsild’s vocals are also manipulated and embedded into the composition, as heard in “Church And Law” or “On The Move.” The sound here moves from elegantly funky to delectably pensive, all under warm swaths of synth. Indeed, melancholy is ubiquitous here, but it’s almost a sound of rueful glee, the groove not stanched by the sometimes-introspective focus but, in fact, bolstered by it.

    It’s been a while since the Fail Forever EP, but this record is well worth the two-year wait. From the first song and title track — an etherial hymn which wants to launch into the clouds but remains understated even as…