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The Pod

The Pod

1991 · lo-fi · ween · alternative · 90s



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  • Best ween album by far. When people ask me for music recommendations I'm just going to tell them to listen to this album and come back if they enjoyed it.
  • A really fun album, not the greatest Ween album but by no means a bad album at all.
  • I'm laughing tears every time I see this album cover. This must be the funniest thing in commercial music, ever! Whenever I come across a song off of this album, I usually google the cohen album cover and start crying because it's SO funny! Thanks guys, this will always be a great joke for as long as I live.
  • This album is funny as hell.
  • The feel like all the vocals were done in one take and that's it.
  • ok. it's a grower. it's a fucking grower. when i started listening to these guys i barely listened to "The Pod". And now, after all these months i finally start liking and loving this album. couldnt imagine the ween discography without it
  • d0l
    i had no idea people found it scary, i didn't even twig on to the album art until 20 minutes ago and i'm all excited but have no one to tell and the party's already over. this is my favourite ween album by far, went in dry and fell in deep, deep, warm, moist love. it's my sleepy album.
  • I don't get why so many people are saying this album is scary. I just think it's fun. Pretty weird, but still lots of fun. It's just the greatest album ever
  • They brilliantly captured what it feels like to have Mono. So brown, this one...

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