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Großes Cover
Vulture Industries

I Hung My Heart On Harrow Square (5:16)

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  • hahaah wtf he sounds nothing like garm. i was gettin an ian astbury vibe more than anything else
  • Every time I hear VI, I think of Garm. He does some things differently, but his voice itself Sounds pretty much exactly like Garm.[4]
  • Sounds pretty much exactly like Garm. [3]
  • Thematically, I gotta hit up Woods of Ypres' I Was Buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetary after this track.
  • I think the vocal styles are some what close, but they don't sound anything alike to me. I really enjoy the style of singing he has going on, but he's in a league all his own, the vocalist for VI. I don't hear Garm or Vintersorg or anyone else associated with that mega group. Just close, but not the same at all.
  • Pick one: Masquerade, Sham Mirrors - haven't listened to others. Compare most of VI's vocals to the slow vocal bits in those albums. Not looking to compare anything but the vox, vaudeville's irrelevant.
  • What Arcturus release are you listening too? I don't remember any vaudeville in their music.
  • Sounds pretty much exactly like Garm. [2]
  • Sounds pretty much exactly like Garm. I wonder if that was in the singer advert... "Must sound like the vocalist from Arcturus, the band we sound astonishingly similar to." I dig this music, but it needs to be said.
  • so far this one is my favourite from the new album, great "ballad"

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