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  • The vocals make them so awesome, such an interesting mix of visual style and audio variety!
  • Where has been this all these years...? Found so many nice avant/prog metal bands and I just hit this one last week. I can't even pick a favorite album, I enjoy these three LPs equally, wow.
  • Great band. They are awesome live; a memorable experience. Looking forward to the next record.
  • In love with this band!!! Powerful and authentic, musical and vocal perfection achieved. Eager to watch them live very soon...
  • Don't get what's so avant-garde about this band that it necessitated it being tagged such . It's pretty great stuff though.
  • был на них в феврале, группа просто шик!
  • шикарный голос, безумная музыка, тексты заставляющие задуматся. идеально
  • Need new album!!
  • да, голос шикарный! у группы есть свой потрясающий стиль, respect.
  • Phenomenal band! [2]
  • Phenomenal band!
  • Крутые поцы. Голос у вокалиста приятный такой <3
  • Sweetest band!
  • 'The Tower' is definitely something. Can't wait to see in Žaibu!
  • this band is a great surprise. i'm really enjoying them these days...
  • full live report with loads of photos of the Golem show in Paris !
  • This is truly great band. New standart in avant-garde and experimental metal. I'm totally in love.
  • Wow, never heard of this band. The Tower sounds like the lovechild of Sólstafir and Tom Waits. Great stuff!
  • New review over at Don't Count On It Reviews!
  • These guys are starting to sound like a mix of Arcturus, Forest of Stars and Sleepytime Gorilla Museum. The Tower is absolutely fantastic.
  • Concert pictures from Warsaw, 25 IX 2013:
  • New album might be the album of the year so far!! I'm about to lose my sanity!!
  • Vulture Industries live pics taken at Krakow, PL show: available here: enjoy, like & share! ;)
  • "The Tower" is the album of the year.
  • New stuff is absolutely great! The Hound is brilliant! Holy shit, I lose my sanity
  • New album is sklrghk,sjdhlgasgt. The Tower doesn't need more because it's fucking perfection. I'll still give it more though.
  • New album is just out- fucking- standing !!!
  • Даще заебище как говорят поляки !!!! [5]
  • Заебись new album!!! [4]
  • Fantastic new album!!! [3]
  • Fantastic new album!!!
  • love the new song!!! fucking great!
  • The tower needs more ... and so do I.
  • great new song.
  • The third Vulture Industries album "The Tower" will be out on Season Of Mist on 27SEP & 01OCT2013.
  • I hung my heart on harrow square!
  • 'Grim apparitions' is really catchy. 'The Dystopia journals' rocks. Quite solid material overall and apparently very underrated.
  • Posted about this band on our blog.
  • These guys
  • These are good
  • Vulture Industries interview on [url=]Shoot Me Again Webzine[/url], available in French and English.
  • Talented continuers of Arcturus style [2]
  • first album is way better
  • Talented continuers of Arcturus style
  • The Dystopia Journals > The Malefactor's Bloody Register
  • Official announcements for the upcoming "Kailash" release tomorrow!
  • & Indukti
  • These guys are brilliant. One of my favorite discoveries of last year. Along with Leprous & The Ocean.


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