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Vo: Shin (シン) (REVERb → 秋葉原少年団☆電脳ロメオ → RHYOLITE → ViViD) Gu: Reno (零乃) (NoveLis → 株式会社タスキンコ (as 佐藤) → Hi:BRiD (support) → ViViD Gu: Ryoga (怜我) (M.cry (support) → 大胸筋矯正サポーターズ → ZiL (support/as さち) → ViViD) Ba: Ivu (イヴ) (平成ミルカート(as くるみ) → キス&ネイト (as IV) → 氷男 (support) → ZiL → ViViD) Dr.&DJ: Ko-ki (NoveLis → 氷男 (support) → ZiL → ViViD)

ViViD ist eine neue Visual Kei Band. Die Band wurde im März 2009 gegründet und stammte ursprünglich nur aus イヴ, Ko-ki, und 怜我. Später wurde angekündigt das… mehr erfahren



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  • IV's abs tho.
  • @sleet_eve It's no problem! Thanks for the answer and I see what you mean.
  • @Killinstict TAG IS NECESSARY! because someone wants to listen separately jrock band.
  • v I certainly hope as well that they'll return. I miss them already.
  • but I feel that this will change, I've the hope that they'll return. We must got it!
  • Divlyfein: Sorry for not responding sooner! Lol. I followed ViViD since they first formed, and it was an absolute shock when they went major so fast. Then they went major and they lost that special touch they had when they were indie. Everything started sounding super bland, and not exactly ViViD-material, you know?
  • v Yeah they were one of my favorites. I was going to ask how did people see it coming I guess you kind of answered it. I adored their music, but I never looked into anything about them personally.
  • v No clue. :/ They went major far too quick, though. I felt something was off when they didn't have releases for a while. It wasn't like them to remain quiet for some time after a release.
  • ahh i don't believe in that, ~ they will just end up? and now?? :(
  • Absolutely heartbroken. :(

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