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Velvet Acid Christ (kurz VAC) ist eine US-amerikanische Band aus Denver (Colorado). Sie wurde etwa 1990/1991 gegründet.


Bevor VAC gegründet wird, ist Bryan Erickson (a.k.a. Disease Factory, Disease oder Phuckhead) in verschiedenen Bands tätig, wie z. B. O-Pop (nach Ericksons Aussagen eine billige Schmalz-Synth-Pop-Band, bestehend aus Bryan und seinen zwei Cousins), Disco Disease Factory (Parodie von C & C Music Factory, die mit dem Hit "Everybody Dance Now" bekannt wurden) und letztendlich Toxic Coma (Musik, die… mehr erfahren



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  • Yeah, there's something missing from them. Not bad in general. Especially Maldire is quite nifty imo but they don't stand the comparison to his old great albums. They were maybe more psychedelic and twisted. Also the new albums do kind of a similar thing but just not as well.
  • Albums since 2000 are utter horseshit when compared to albums like Fate or Calling ov the Dead *fixed
  • Dire Land густо напитан электричеством, страхом и старым-добрым VAC.
  • да, их старый стиль это круто!
  • VELVET ACID CHRIST's cover of :wumpscut: Is It You... I liked it a lot, man!!
  • Новый альбом Dire Land во многом похож на старый VAC, что очень неплохо.
  • It`s called Barbed Wired Garden
  • Three last albums are utter horseshit when compared to albums like Fate or Calling of the Dead
  • Is the song supposed to be called "Barbed Wired Garden" or "Barbed Wire Garden"? When I bought the album from bandcamp the pdf- booklet and the mp3-tag says different things and it's pretty even on the most played alternative here on lastfm as well.
  • Dire Land (Velvet Acid Christ Remix Album) coming out in June, featuring remixes from [artist]Assemblage 23[/artist], [artist]decoded feedback[/artist], [artist]dead when i found her[/artist] and [artist]god module[/artist]! Not bad.

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