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  • new album ROCKS
  • New Vaz need to sort out their own last fm.
  • Miss Frost <3
  • Porcupine tree? I'd love to know what you're smoking. [2]
  • looking forward to see you guys in jakarta!
  • Theres a new artist nemed VAZ, and they are GIRLS!
  • New Interview with Jeff: Lots of good stuff in this one.
  • is there a new album?
  • Sounds like Vaz Meets Vaz to me.
  • Demonstrations in Micronesia sounds like QOTSA meets Unsane ;)
  • the new album is fucking brilliant
  • i heard Vaz on the supercommercial stateradio here the other day.. o_O nice
  • New interview with Paul from Vaz: Super cool.
  • Porcupine tree? I'd love to know what you're smoking.
  • A noisy bastard child of Porcupine Tree and QotSA? Maybe not, but awesome anyway.
  • tastic
  • Voljskiy AutoZavod!!! =))) Awesome band!!!
  • волжский автозавод [3]
  • волжский автозавод [2]
  • hello you are great
  • Heh. I didn't know they were from MN.
  • I've been Vazinated live, it was Vaz...tastic!
  • great band
  • thumbs up
  • I love this band .They sound so loud live
  • Holy Crap!
  • Dying To Meet You sounds like a gothic QOTSA covering Shellac songs.
  • saw them open for melt banana november last year. fucking GOOD
  • волжский автозавод
  • Discovered these guys thanks to a Mr. John Peel.
  • lada vaz
  • AHHH!!! VAZ ROCKS! You all definitely need to catch one of their shows ASAP.

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