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Vashti Bunyan

Train Song (2:15)


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  • Brought here by the following article of The Guardian:
  • takes me farfaaaaar away..
  • it's got a bit of an 'underground overground wombling free' thing going on (pretzels_p), but still..
  • Really good song! I hadn't heard of her either until I searched for this song (it was in a commercial in the US a few years ago).
  • the beginning of this song reminds me of another song. I just can't figure out which...
  • Could have been a White Stripes cover with Meg singing... could hear it now... Not that it will ever happen now but still...
  • brilliant
  • Wow! How have I never come across her before?!
  • gorgeous
  • Essential
  • heard of her, but this is first listen. very nice voice.
  • This one stopped me in my tracks.... It took me a second to realize I'd heard a cover of it before. Which was nice, but it doesn't compare to this.
  • <3333333
  • легко и прекрасно.
  • samsung smart tv brought me here
  • what a beautiful Ode Man
  • it's like a butterfly
  • this song is kind of drug.
  • Love the basslines on this
  • о, вездесущий масс-медиа, спасибо, что явил это чудо моим ушам
  • Ethereal
  • pure sensual beauty...
  • Sensual & mystical in essence.
  • luv liv
  • this is 17 pink sugar elephants but not. how weird. still like it:)
  • how did I miss such a beautiful voice.....first time I've heard this....won't be the last.
  • My life is not really, but I saw Vashti...
  • KristinF-> maybe because the only difference hides in the lyrics :P Shame on me, I've discovered this song thanks to Feist/Gibbard cover. Lovely, though always makes me weep.
  • Hauntingly beautiful, her voice and the lyrics of the song.
  • i love this. it is very similar to "pink sugar elephants".
  • one of the most relaxing songs to listen to I've ever heard.
  • There's a great version of this song by Feist + Ben Gibbard on a new 4AD comp called Dark Was The Night (
  • One of the two songs that made me shed a tear the first time I heard it. But of course, the context in which I heard it may be for much in my reaction...
  • transcendental
  • i did not c any such advert, never heard of it but vashti has a beautiful voice
  • One of the most beautiful things I've ever heard... and I did not find out about this through a Reebok commercial.
  • ...I'm part of the pilgrimage of people who saw the Reebok commercial and were stunned. Amazing.
  • yep...I'm in the same boat as most of you...Just hearing this haunting voice on that Reebok commercial was enough to force me to come online to find her. I am so glad I did!
  • left me speechless!
  • AMAZING voice, I am so glad I found this. She is a beautiful singer and this song is awsome!
  • Yeah, I first heard it on the Reebok ad and when I looked it up, I was shocked to find that this wasn't some new artist. She's been around for 40+ years and I've never heard her music before now? Insane.
  • Great song. First heard it in a Reebok "Migrate" ad. A very lucky find.
  • <3
  • this song made me melt the first time i heard it

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