• 2013 - VNV Nation: Transnational

    16. Okt. 2013, 19:36 von nosnebulous

    I have slowed down on my music consumption this year, only purchasing the new KMFDM - Kunst, and the latest from VNV Nation, Transnational. I am currently listening through the album for the fourth time, and so far it is keeping my attention better than the past two albums, Of Faith Power And Glory and Automatic.

    Let me begin by saying that my expectations for this album were kind of low, and I didn't really know what this release was going to sound like. VNV Nation has forgone releasing singles since Chrome was released before Matter and Form, so when the teaser track, Retaliate, was released a few weeks ago, I knew it wasn't going to represent the overall album in terms of style and sound. This has been the case with the last three releases. Before OFPaG was released, Tomorrow Never Comes was released on Myspace (back when people still used Myspace), and by the time Automatic came out, Control was released early on Soundcloud. …
  • Tuesday Ten: Overplayed Dancefloor Tracks

    23. Okt. 2007, 16:49 von amodelofcontrol

    This week is a companion piece to last week's, really: looking at overplayed dancefloor tracks in goth/industrial clubs. Being a DJ myself, of course, I well appreciate that it isn't always the DJ's fault, and it is endless requests for particular tracks that cause it. Still, some of these tracks I have heard everywhere I go for a few years now, so it's time to name and shame them.

    This S'it Will Fcuk You Up (LP Version)
    Everybody Hates You
    Really, please request other songs. Yes, it's a great song, but when it comes to Combichrist the average punter is hardly short of catchy dancefloor stuff to request. In just three albums I can think of at least fifteen tracks that will fill a dancefloor. So come on, think a little before requesting this track again, please?

    Zombienation (V.2K5)
    A so-so cover of an old techno track, and frankly I'm sick and tired of hearing it. And no, I don't play it in my DJ sets (there are far better Grendel tracks to play, in my opinion). …
  • VNV Nation - Glass House, Pomona, CA

    26. Sep. 2007, 18:45 von Sturmer_Junior

    VNV Nation - Glass House, Pomona CA

    How many years, since you found yourself,
    staring at an endless sky
    Unaware of yourself, who you are and where you're going
    Only living, only breathing,
    losing all sense of time

    ~Endless Skies, VNV Nation - Matter+Form

    First of all, let me say they should play smaller venues like this more often. OH my god it was amazing. The opening band was a little too happy and major key and....I don't know, I just didn't like him. It was Solvent, so my personal reccommendation is to not check him out. He wasn't that great.

    THEN the silence fell, the flaming torch logo appeared on the screen, and the room went dark, and out came Mark, Ronan, and the live support. They started out with about four or five really heavy songs, including Testament and Nemesis. Then they slowed it down a bit, Ronan already sweating up a storm and beginning to soak his shirt as they stood in almost silence, singing Endless Skies. …
  • Cyberia Set List - November 4th

    12. Nov. 2006, 3:54 von fleurione

    Request = (r)

    Procyon 10.00-10.30
    Sonic Mayhem – Swallowed
    Ano-Wrex-Iya - Anti-Gravity (Live debut Teviot Underground 29th November)
    Razed in Black – Master (Hard mix)
    Rogue Process - Cognition

    Technomancer 10.30-11.00
    C/A/T – Smashed
    agonoize – Eye on You
    controlled collapse – inject
    Painbastard – System Failed
    Autoaggression – Das Nyquist Theorem
    Run Level Zero – Under the Gun

    gether_than_Thou 11.00-11.30
    Leæther Strip – Suicide Bombers (12 Inch Version)
    Straftanz – Straftanz (Ost)
    Broken and Abused
    Pyriel - Pyriel
    The Cruxshadows – Dragonfly (Radio Edit) (Teviot Underground 29th November)
    In Strict Confidence – Engelstaub
    Mesh - People Like Me (With a Gun)

    ScratchMeHarder 11.30-12.00
    Tactical Sekt - Xfixiation (S.I.T.D. mix)
    Das Ich – Destillat (VNV mix)
    New Order – Confusion (Blade Mix)
    Mind.In.A.Box – Sun and Storm
    Ritual Noise (R)
    Feindflug – Glaubenskreig

    Procyon 12.00-12.45
  • Non Stop Partying! (with apologies to all my friends, i just have been too busy…

    5. Dez. 2005, 13:07 von purplevelvet

    VNV Nation
    Trauma Pet

    i have just had the most incredible EBM/Electro Week! three fantastic concerts in 8 days with some of the biggest names in Electronic Music!!! it's been a non stop party!

    first concert was SITDand VNV Nation at Sheffield Corporation, on 26 november 05.

    next gig was Conspiracyand Neuroticfish at Birmingham Academy, on 03 december 05,

    and finally, Trauma Pet, XP8, Katscan and Combichrist at Islington Academy, London, on 04 december 05.

    unfortunately due to the very early start, i missed SITD which i had really wanted to see even more than VNV Nation! however, despite the fact that my music taste has moved away from vnv to the harsher sounding electro bands over the last 6 months or more, i really enjoyed this gig! vnv are veterans, and they loved to play to english audiences, in fact, ronan said, they got an incredible boost from seeing the reaction of the crowds who clearly loved what vnv were doing!