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Usurp Synapse was an Emo-Violence Band from Indiana. The Group combined fast and frantic grindcore influenced drumming and guitar work, and raw screams.

Usurp was born in Lafayette, IN. Through numerous line-ups they continued to push the envelope of the then-bugeoning "screamo" sub-sub-genre of punk rock. Their music was available on several compilations and 7" records, including a split release with Jerome's Dream, with whom they toured the United States, on Clean Plate Records. All their releases have been compiled and released on a discography CD, Disinformation Fix, on Alone Records. Antonio Leiriao moved from New York to Indiana to sing for the band in 1999.
The band utilized unconventional marketing methods, such as a die-cut album cover folded into the shape of a penis entering a vagina, and the inclusion of a razor with a record that promoted suicide on Electric Human Project.
Former members played in Fax Arcana, who have since disbanded.
They reformed as a 4-piece in the year 2004, recorded a full length album, then unfortunately had to cancel a UK tour in 2005 which was supposed to be with phoenix bodies. They have been inactive since.
On August 25th, 2008 Usurp Synapse final release "A Vile Contamina" was finally made available through the bands official Myspace page. "It's the whole shebang; all the tracks listed into a part one and two - don't ask for lyrics; don't ask for song titles. Enjoy. Your discography is now incomplete."

John Scott - Vocals, Keyboards
Travis Chance - Drums
Don Kirkland - Guitar
Tony Dryer - Bass
Brandon - Guitar
Antonio - Vocals

Past members
Dustin Redington - Bass
Dean Duval - Guitar

Emotional hardcore with synthesisers. Similar in style to bands such as My Lai and The Locust, Usurp Synapse has gained large internet fan-base over the years, with out of print records selling for astonishing prices on auction sites such as Skylab commerce and the more well-known eBay. Shortly after releasing a huge collection of splits with bands like Hassan I Sabbah, Jeromes Dream, Index for Potential Suicide, Neil Perry, etc and only 1 US tour the band split up, but recently got back together in 2004 as a 4-piece and performed at the dude fest that same year. They broke up once again soon after. A release was also planned that year named Vile Contamina, music was recorded but never properly released.
Members of the band have since performed in Fax Arcana, Thin Fevers, and others.

*Index For Potential Suicide/Usurp Synapse, 7"
o Witching Hour Records
o Released 1999.
o Availability: Out of Print - 1100 on Black, 200 on Orange.
o Notable Characteristics: 300 had an alternate tour cover, 20 had a xerox'd cover.
* Emotion Zero/Usurp Synapse, 7"
o Happy Couples Never Last Records
o Released 1999.
o Availability: Out of Print - 1000 on Black.
* Hassan I Sabbah/Usurp Synapse - Just Do It!, 7"
o The Electric Human Project Records
o Released 2000.
o Availability: Out of Print - 1000 on Black, 100 on White, 5 Test Pressings.
o Notable Characteristics: The White pressing came with a Razor Blade. Some vinyls had a bandage on the artwork.
* The Main Ingredient, 7"
o Self-Released
o Released 2000.
o Availability: Out of Print - 200 on Pink.
o Notable Characteristics: This vinyl is also known as the "Penis 7". The envelope flap was shaped like a penis and fit into the vagina in the center of the cover to close the envelope. The B Side had the same track but "Tour Release of 200" written all over it so you can't play it.
* Rep Seki/Usurp Synapse, 5"
o Magister Ludi Records
o Released 2000.
o Availability: Out of Print - 1000 as a Picture Disc.
* Neil Perry/Usurp Synapse, 7"
o Level Plane Records
o Released May 1, 2000.
o Availability: Out of Print - 1100 on Black.
o Notable Characteristics: There is an alternate version of this version which was limited to 100 with an alternate cover.
* In Examination Of, 6/7"
o Level Plane Records/Witching Hour Records
o Released May 1, 2000.
o Availability: Out of Print - 650 or 666 (Conflicting Information) on Black, 200 on Red.
o Notable Characteristics: The Red pressing was only available through mail order or from the Witching Hour Fan Club and had an alternate cover. Some versions on black came with a "blood pill".
* Jeromes Dream/Usurp Synapse - An Asprin, An X-Ray, 7"
o Clean Plate Records/Level Plane Records
o Released September 1, 2000.
o Availability: Out of Print - 1300 on White, 200 on Black, 20 Test Pressings, 15 with alternate "overrun" cover.
o Notable Characteristics: Some versions came with a Jeromes Dream tour pin.
* V/A - Antipodes, 7"
o Level Plane Records
o Released October 1, 2000.
o Availability: Out of Print - 1000 on Red, 25 Test Pressings.
o Notable Characteristics: 45 had alternate silk screened covers.
* V/A - Songs of the Dead 2: Idle Hands, CD
o And Here My Troubles Began… Records
o Released May 1, 2001.
o Availability: Out of Print - 666 printed, 100 Handmade Michigan Fest version.
o Notable Characteristics: 100 numbered in handmade packaging for Michigan Fest.

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