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  • Avatar für wheresyourblues
    интересные ребята
  • Avatar für ThrashGangsters
    Check out ThrashGangsters new video clip "Terror Has Begun" http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ASElY8nkIxw
  • Avatar für JeroenKlomp
    UDS 45,000+ listeners, League Of XO Gentlemen 200+ listeners...................... sumtin doesn't compute here... :/
  • Avatar für JeroenKlomp
    @[user]Vithon[/user], I'm afraid it's the other way around ;-)
  • Avatar für Peniz1
    Legendary band
  • Avatar für Supertransonic
    Persona Non Grata - still some awesome stuff!
  • Avatar für Vithon
    It's funny, because UDS didn't really start sounding like Rage until after Rage released their first album.
  • Avatar für Gilek23
  • Avatar für Comicbase
    Too bad the Squad split up too early.
  • Avatar für Z05O
    @Rustco Yes i agree! Routine is really brilliant!
  • Avatar für Sehnsucht007
    Por qué tras 5 páginas de artistas similares ni Cypress Hill ni RATM aparecen entre las bandas seleccionadas?
  • Avatar für WasNotWhyNot
    persona non grata is sick.
  • Avatar für FanDeMosDef
  • Avatar für longboard81
    Rudeboy has a new band, the first track sounds promising, it's a free download!!!: http://www.last.fm/music/The+Phantom+Four+&+The+Arguido
  • Avatar für StopDropAndROFL
    2006 – 2006
  • Avatar für rustco
    Routine, should be higher up...... Brilliant.
  • Avatar für OneDrunkWalking
    If I was to have a second lastFm account I suppose I might call myself urban_dance_squid
  • Avatar für OneDrunkWalking
    Ditto, Kingsnake!!
  • Avatar für radiopork
    Murder live act it was!
  • Avatar für tr0ne
    sooo sooo good!
  • Avatar für Retrogaian
    this is no kid .. and i'm not no toooooooooooybooooooooooooooy (hell yeah!)
  • Avatar für Sgherro81
  • Avatar für Killed-By-Death
    het enige goede uit Utrecht ;)
  • Avatar für Killed-By-Death
    I remember when I was a kid and saw the Happy Go Fucked Up video. Good old fucking times they were!
  • Avatar für Seversen3
    Voor de Nederlanders, de UDS documentaire: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1VaY1IkXYI&mode=related&search=
  • Avatar für brownieboy
    Go Nederlanders!
  • Avatar für wankus
    is this gr8 band still alive? 'persona non gata' was and still is such good stuff... i regret they never came to poland for a gig....
  • Avatar für Peniz1
    Deze gasten zijn koning! :D
  • Avatar für Milaan222
    This band is from the netherlands but it' s a shame that they aren' t more of these bands here .... And for the RATM fans , RATM is verry focused on this band that's why it sounds like it, though this had more funk in it
  • Avatar für tijnbroek
    It sounds like Rage Against the Machine. Great music!
  • Avatar für richie39
    But now it's stricktly buisness
  • Avatar für Nemskate
    Session de skate regada com o som desses caras é simplesmente duka!!!!!
  • Avatar für Pyrqe
    So fckn Good!
  • Avatar für thaFunk
    dutch funk metal at it's best!
  • Avatar für Valderhopsasa
    great memories... love them since I was 10 years old!
  • Avatar für HuppumiesIsPest
    Ihan hyvää kamaa.
  • Avatar für igoralves
    muito bom
  • Avatar für harlem23
    заебись музло
  • Avatar für dj364
    desde chile u.d.s. lo mejor po wn
  • Avatar für Elektromutant
  • Avatar für Ron242
    Saluti to the first dutch mental crossover masters. RESPECT!
  • Avatar für The_DoubleU
    One of the first CDs I bought was Mental Floss :)
  • Avatar für The_DoubleU
    One of the first CDs was Mental Floss. Still a great album. I love Planet Ultra. "Take a pick, take a style if you dare ...." Metaphore Warfare!!
  • Avatar für danielwieringa
    Its a shame they are not going to make a new album. I like their music! Especially their song Good Grief!
  • Avatar für naeldwyck
    To use the words of Milk: Never dated! :-) first group I ever saw live, in Paradiso Amsterdam, winter of 89/90, 1st class of high school. These guys are great on record (always consistently good, always UDS, but always a different sound), but were thousand times better live.
  • Avatar für Shikayama
    Happy Go Fucked Up! :D
  • Avatar für DrCrumb
    routine..routine..routine...when your're dead
  • Avatar für remmy77
    still love demagogue after all those years
  • Avatar für Yoshimitsu91
    GOOD GRIEF _0_ Amazing Band
  • Avatar für BS1der
    Whoah, 'Good Grief' is awesome^^


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