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  • Avatar für sparkyman215
    Dayum this is a pretty long song but don't mean I don't love it!
  • Avatar für sparkyman215
    Sniffin' away..
  • Avatar für jon123fenick
    then call it names...
  • Avatar für jon123fenick
    Or bite it..
  • Avatar für jon123fenick
    Cast one...
  • Avatar für jon123fenick
    Sounds like....A Lure...
  • Avatar für Quisquillian
    The sound design in this song is so intricate. Patterns are morphing and shifting as they loop, creating a gritty, vivid yet also hazy and hallucinatory atmosphere. As for the lyrics, their imagery is just accessible enough, and fit the instrumental flawlessly. It's a universal message that anyone who's seen or lived in a big city can relate to. Navigating a crowded sidewalk, beneath the perpetual shadow of insurance towers, monuments to progress, luxury apartments and hotels, banks that occupy entire 100-storey buildings, all that. Down below in the darkness, making your way through the urban maze. At least, that's how I see it. The "porn dogs" line for me means psychopathic and domineering males, who control and manipulate the world through fear and intimidation. At least that's how I see it. Marvelous little ditty this one.
  • Avatar für Registeel
    Poor Dog?
  • Avatar für PeteJBaker
    It's been 'porn dog' for as long as I can remember, and this song is nearly 20 years old!
  • Avatar für bobgreen623
    I always thought it was 'pawing dog' you sex-obsessed people, but what the heck, whatever it is the whole thing, the whole track, the whole album is a masterpiece and still sounds good today

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