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Act of Depression

Act of Depression


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  • best album
  • Love this release. So raw
  • Not the right album art
  • best of
  • fuckin' great for all time
  • This is the underoath that ruled.
  • Innocence Stolen!!!
  • I found this CD & Cries of the past in a UK record store quite a while ago! Was pretty lucky.
  • sounds like sludge/doom to me
  • BEST album of Underoath! {3} This album is fuckin sick. Love it.
  • i love this band,but this album is the worst piece of shit i have ever listened to,dont get me wrong,i love deathcore,but this album is just a bunch of screaming composed together,i listened to the first two songs and i closed my media player.
  • Perhaps this could be a predecessor to deathcore, but i don't really think I'd call it that.
  • I remember I used to listen to this album all the time while riding the school bus back in the day. Good times, good times... (:
  • deathcore (as we know it now) started spreading in 2002 or 2003 with All shall perish... Act of Depression is from 99'
  • no one talks about it, but underoath was one of the first deathcore bands out there: mixing really heavy metalcore with sick vocals and black metal influences... maybe it's not their best album but it's somehow unique
  • manifested in a cluttered house
  • underated underoath :P
  • get depressed in a brutal way
  • I love this stuff
  • I'm really glad Dallas went on to form Maylene instead. [2]
  • I L ♥ v e This Album!
  • BEST album of Underoath [3]
  • The Real deathcore
  • The real Underoath.
  • BEST album of Underoath! [2]
  • BEST album of Underoath!
  • This album has real sonic energy and downright fucking anger behind it. I think this is a supreme metalcore album.
  • carnage \m/
  • :O I dont have this album! I was listening to the christian screamo station and was like "What is this???"
  • amazing album.
  • Great angry music.
  • better, than others
  • totally agree with BatmanChi
  • Good! 99* deathcore! BMTH sucks...
  • this and cries of the past are their best stuff
  • I'm really glad Dallas went on to form Maylene instead.
  • fuckin love this EP but I wonder : what does the cover represent ?
  • this album is fucking sick Oo
  • post-hardcore
  • If you can't appreciate this album and all it has to offer, than why don't you listen to Underoath's newer music? Cries of the Past is an amazing album, too.
  • buen albun solo con otro estilo ..................
  • they probably wouldn't of lasted long
  • I wonder what would of happened if they stuck to this sound :D
  • sucks.
  • In that way Underoath was one of the best core band i ever listen, but after that, since new line-up it's just emo-faggot's sad....
  • No-one realises how great this was. There new stuff is good, but I think I liked them more with Dallas. But maybe the new album will change that.... "Desperate Times, Desperate Measures" is fuckin' awesome.
  • i also like their new stuff, but this album was soooooooo much better =|
  • no, its 666satancore666
  • I think the best album Underoath made with Dallas was Cries Of The Past.


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