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  • Mashed potato.
  • lolol
  • I admire their intellectual rigor and deep spirituality.
  • I concur. I'm really sad that they haven't made anyhting new this year (Other than that one song for
  • do more things
  • @Kieransd You can get a free EP by signing up for their email list at Look below silly!
  • any links for there albums anywhere?
  • Silly
  • Oh my, they covered the Aquabats, must be amazing then
  • For anyone who doesn't know, you can download their new EP of covers called "Jokey Jingles" for free by signing up for their email list. they only send out, like, once a month, and it's a great EP, so you should totally do it.
  • saw them in brooklyn the other night... they put on an Awesome show!
  • So much blood!
  • Amazing! Who else sings about Gary Gygax and Nintendo? NO ONE. That's why these guys are awesome.
  • Pretty much the best band of all time ever.
  • I got to play super mario bros on stage with them! They are great live.
  • This band is crazy... I really dig 'em so far.
  • I feel kinda awesome being next to Danii in the current top listeners.
  • Yeah, I'm a top listener. WUT WUT
  • I'm on the related artist! lol
  • that's right!
  • letter green i love you, you are soooo appealing.
  • amazinggg
  • UMF is just so fantabulous.
  • UMF rocks my world.
  • Saw them with Harry & the Potters. It was awesome.
  • HAY.

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