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Turmion Kätilöt („Die Hebammen des Verderbens“) ist eine finnische Elektronik-Crossover-Band, die Elemente des Technos mit denen des Metals vermischt. Die Band existiert seit dem Jahr 2003 und war bereits in den TOP10 der finnischen Album-Charts vertreten.



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  • like songs like Sinä saatana, Sinulle, Lataa ja varmista, Hiiltynyt runko and Hyvissä Höyryissä.
  • diskovibrator is just masterpiece.
  • diskovibrator is absolute stunning btw.
  • Sinulle is one of the best songs TK has made.
  • Also I couldn't even compare FoD and TK in the same sentence :D I mean FoD is good but.. Well, they are musically more simpler if you like that.
  • Vastanaineet has also grown on me only after few listens. It's a killer track.
  • I don't see how the new album is too different at all. Some of my friends have been disappointed with the album. It just boggles my mind. The changes in style TK has between albums is very minimal. Less would be doing the AC/DC and this is just development as a band. I like the more aggressive sound of Diskovibrator and the song material is otherwise about the same level as Technodiktator. Except that To Be Contiuned Act 2 is pretty much a track to skip every time. My fave tracks from Technodiktator were Silmät Sumeat and Pyhä Maa. Nimi Kivessä being maybe one of the least favorites. New albums single Hyvissä Höyryissä, Kirottujen Karnevaalit and Sinulle are definitely my stand outs but the others are great too. Kätilöt hasn't really done a band song imo. Though I didn't enjoy the weird instrumentals they had on Pirun Nyrkki.
  • I'm not telling that Humor on song lyrics is a bad thing, just saying this new TK album Discovibrator has a completely new style for both lyrics (the humor) and the whole sound of the albums is quite different, even when compared to the previous album Techodictator. Where is the tracks similar to Nimi Kivessä for example, extremely catchy tune and probably the best track of newer TK. Or even like Rehtori, or Xonoto (Darling), the albums are just different, for the worse?. Yea sure, I'm a huge fan of old-school TK (Hoitovirhe-USCH) but I like the newer stuff too (Perstechnique, Technodictator). I just don't get the new album.. Also these TK album names these days, they definitely have a thing going on..
  • I´m not perhaps best to talk about this subject long as I like Evil scarecrow as well, but what I have been around this band they indeed do it with more or less humorous glints in their eyes but indeed have metaphorical meaning behind their lyrics and that actually is part reason why love what they do.
  • To me really it does not really matter are is it joking or comedy they do if so I still love them one of thoes bands that I has been listening since I was kid and still loving them as much.

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