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Turbonegro ist eine Band aus Oslo, Norwegen, die mit ihrem Musikstil, einer Mischung aus Heavy Metal, Rock und Punk, zumeist zum Punk ’n’ Roll gezählt wird. Die Band selbst bevorzugt jedoch die Bezeichnung „Death Punk“.

Als Haupteinflüsse der Band gelten Black Flag, Aerosmith, Venom, Radio Birdman, Motörhead, The Germs, Circle Jerks, Ramones, Alice Cooper, Negazione und The Stooges.


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  • The music (NOT only the vocals) is waaaaay better since Hank left, love it!
  • R.I.P. 1990 - 2010... [5] -no Hank, no Turbo.
  • Never is Forever is such a severely underrated album. [2]
  • R.I.P. 1990 - 2010... [6]. Tony Sylvester or Hank von Scientology. IDK what's worse.
  • :D
  • Never is Forever is such a severely underrated album.
  • I come from Norway and we don't like punk-rockers going out with the little bullshit new-wave hooker girls. We are going to teach you all a lesson. In Norway punk-rockers go out with punk-rock girls or telephone hookers, unless...they go out with themselves and do homosexual activity!! [3 ]
  • F*cking awesome band
  • Ass Cobra. I neglected thast album for years because I didn't like its noisy production. But once I got into it... it's so funny and has do much energy. Right up there with Apocalypse Dudes for me.
  • Nobody wants Hank back. When he left, Turbonegro ended. Simple...

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