• The Paisley Underground: or The days of wine and roses.

    30. Jul. 2012, 17:50 von iconan

  • Paisley Underground broadcast

    4. Aug. 2010, 4:50 von Uhwelluh

    A three hour special on Paisley Underground affiliated bands.

    8/1/10 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm AZ time

    1-Last Chance for You – 15 Minutes
    2-The Days of Wine & Roses live - Dream Syndicate
    3-Too Little, Too Late - Dream Syndicate
    4-That’s What You Always Say live - Dream Syndicate
    5-Down to the Bone - Danny & Dusty
    6-Grimly Forming - Salvation Army
    7-I Go Wild - Three O’clock
    8-When Lightning Starts - Three O’Clock
    9-The Girl With the Guitar (Says Oh Yeah) – Three O’Clock
    10-The Real World – The Bangs
    11-Hero Takes A Fall – Bangles
    12-Dover Beach – Bangles
    13-I Look Around – Rain Parade
    14-No Easy Way Down – Rain Parade
    15-This Can’t Be Today live – Rain Parade
    16-She’s A Diamond – Opal
    17-Soul Giver – Opal
    18-Black Night – Green on Red
    19-Snake Bit – Green On Red
    20-Sixteen Ways – Green On Red
    21-And She Rides – Long Ryders
    22-Too Close To the Light – Long Ryders
    23-The Light Gets In the Way – Long Ryders
    24-And Then the Rain – True West
  • 1985: A live music year in which I met my idols

    21. Mär. 2006, 16:54 von popgurl

    1985 was a particularly excellent year in live music for me. I was a junior/senior at the University of Wisconsin. I’d gotten to know many of my favorite musicians and they were recommending other bands I’d like. I had a great best friend with a van with two bucket seats and we’d throw a futon in the back and just hit the road whenever bands we loved came round. We had some other friends in the midwest we’d meet up with, and we’d be our own little moveable party. Plus everyone who was remotely cool was coming through Madison, it was (and still is I guess) a town that bands on the college radio circuit couldn’t possibly miss. So here are my reminiscences. Sadly, my memory for details of the shows themselves is somewhat less than my memories for the social life surrounding the shows. I don’t know if anyone is even reading these anyway, but it’s fun for me to make a somewhat fuller record after all these years. So if only for me, here’s 1985.

  • 1984: Seeing shows and hanging with the bands.

    19. Mär. 2006, 23:03 von popgurl

    This year I saw a lot of bands I’d seen in 1983 again, including:
    The Replacements (twice)
    The Elvis Brothers (twice)
    The Suburbs
    Jason & The Scorchers (twice)
    The Rain Parade
    Lets Active

    If you want to read my thoughts about them, see the 1983 entry. I also saw these guys a lot in '84 having seen them first in '83:

    Love Tractor (3 times)
    Rem (7 times)

    But they deserve their own happy slot because I was hanging out with them and having such a great, great time. The best REM show I saw that year was at the Graham Chapel on the campus of Washington University in St. Louis. They played on a stage about a foot high and my friends and I were right up front and center. The wall behind them was a huge stained glass window lit from the back with a huge outdoor light so that it glowed in the background. The dBs opened that show and at the end they all did a half hour jam session encore together which had some really terrific covers…