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Troll ist der Name von mindestens 4 Bands, welche hier aufgelistet sind, sowie Aliase von Elektronikkünstlern wie Kees Biemans oder Michael Kjeldgaard:

(1). Troll ist eine Symphonic Black Metal-Band (später Industrial Black Metal) aus Hamar, Norwegen, die von Nagash (The Kovenant, ehemals Dimmu Borgir) 1992 zusammen mit Fafnir und Glaurung gegründet wurde. Nachdem man mit "Trollstorms Over Nidingjuv" 1995 die erste Demo…

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  • "With a title such as "Drep de kristne," I'd never have guessed that this band is anti-Christian." Uh... I guess, it is a bit evident, most Black Metal bands have anti-christian tendencies, considering Troll started off in the 90's when, this "trend" or ideology was basically so taboo and followed.
  • also, the first singer of Gorgoroth was called Hat... if i don't know him, should i call him Mr Hat?
  • Kristenhat is my most stylish hat :> that being said, i can now roll back under the rock whence i came.
  • Описание жжжжёт!!!! )))))))))))))
  • Fan from Iran Empire \\m/
  • @Pestwolke: Well, "Drep De Kristne" means Kill The Christians so I gues... xD
  • With a title such as "Drep de kristne," I'd never have guessed that this band is anti-Christian.
  • well, I put 80's in the radio and surprise; this band. It's so funny to see Troll – Calling On Your Heart on my recently listened tracks HAHAHA have I to say the music is ridiculous?
  • Great concert in Ljubljana!
  • Saw them live yesterday. Good stuff.

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