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Trivium ist eine US-amerikanische Metalband aus Orlando, Florida. Der Begriff „Trivium“ (lateinisch für „drei Wege“) bezeichnet die Verbindung zwischen den drei sprachlichen Fächern der freien Künste: Grammatik, Rhetorik und Logik.

Die Band wurde im Jahre 2000 vom Sänger Brad Lewter, Brent Young und Travis Smith gegründet. Bei einem Talentwettbewerb an der High School entdeckte die Band ihren heutigen Sänger Matthew Heafy, der bei diesem Wettbewerb, mit seiner damaligen Band einen Auftritt hatte.

Ihr erstes Album Ember To Inferno brachten sie… mehr erfahren



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  • I grew up with this band. I'm 22 now but I remember worshiping Ascendancy, The Crusade and Shogun so much haha. Me and my mates used to seriously love the band. I haven't really listened to Trivium ever since 2008. Just listened to those Three albums I listed tonight. Nostalgia! The good kind of Nostalgia. Will be listening to these albums for a while now.
  • They were amazing live tonight. Def. much better than what I was expecting.
  • @bachankas It's ridiculous. But as long as piracy stands, I guess the audio engineers and record companies will continue to put out shitty sounding CD:s and downloads. That will make people continue to buy vinyl now as it's having a renaissance going on.
  • @bachankas VF indeed has a bad mix, however, there is actually a version of it available from HDtracks that sounds a lot like SiTS, with good dynamics and everything. It's expensive as hell for a downloadable album, but at least it makes the album sound a LOT better.
  • Ascendancy > Shogun > The Crusade > In Waves > Ember to Inferno > Silence in the Snow > Vengeance Falls
  • Acendancy best metalcore album all the time. And new album sounds quite annoying.....
  • The only "problem" i feel the new album has got is its one-dimensional sound. It's like, "Matt can like really, really sing now", and that's just what he does. All-in-all I feel that Silence is more of an experiment rather than a "natural" album from them. It's a playground for Matt to sing on and the end result is a mixed bag. The Crusade showed that Triv are better off with different vocal styles almost 10 years ago. I hope and believe Silence will be another reminder of that fact before the next album.
  • New album is awesome, but I would had liked it more if it were heavier, with some guturals and stuff, like past releases...

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