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Tristania ist eine norwegische Gothic-Metal-Band aus Stavanger.
Die Band wurde 1996 von Einar Moen, Kenneth Olsson und dem früheren und jetzigen Sänger von Sirenia, Morten Veland gegründet. Moen und Veland verließen die Band Uzi Suicide und brachten Olsson dazu, ihrer neuen Band, Tristania, beizutreten. Kurz danach wurden Bassist Rune Østerhus und Gitarrist Anders Høyvik Hidle aufgenommen.
Im Mai 1997…

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  • A banda acabou com a saída de Vibeke. [2]
  • pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów Tristania
  • A banda acabou com a saída de Vibeke.
  • Wonder when I'll learn to stop hurting myself trying to dance to Evenfall... nope not gonna remember vv Y'know, she's been recording a solo project doom metal album as well as / separate from the GoA guest appearance :3 It'll probably take at least yet another year to come out though, what with her stage acting and having a life (and I think she maaay be suffering from a slight case of that terrible condition known as "perfectionism") oh right I forgot she actually admitted to it v Wait so is Penelope Cruz Vibeke or Mary? Isn't she, like, somewhere in between?
  • I loved her in On Stranger Tides.
  • This shitty band should split up. I can't wait when I hear God of Atheists album. Vibeke <3
  • SkirrelNutkin Indeed, esp. since she was never in Tristania to begin with.
  • vv I loved tracks on Darkest White, and even Year of the Rat, but you're using poor reasoning. Your first mistake: you tried to trivialize the importance of Vibeke's voice via mathematics, starting with the faulty assumption that all vocalists in a band are equally important to all good listeners, a stance I would have difficulty believing even one fourth of them to hold. It's like the silly pretense, often given elsewhere, that a vocalist should never matter more than any other band member - a lie perpetuated to create a false sense of inferiority in its victims. Your second mistake: you either forget or ignore the Vibeke fans who, citing what I consider to be defensible reasons, prefer the post-Veland albums. WW and BTV are my personal favorites, but the lyrics post-Veland are arguably better. The musical differences are more a matter of taste than I, years ago, would have admitted. And, of course, it's the eternal struggle between beloved comfortable old sounds and innovation.
  • No, you're not the only one. I really LOVE Mary's voice, as much as Vibeke's voice. Both are great. [2]
  • lol. Vibeke was only one of three vocalists of the band and the main songwriters/composers are Einar Moen and Anders Høyvik Hidle. so Vibeke not being in the band doesnt fucking matter unless you like looking at their pictures instead of listening to the music. If people are gonna whine, they should whine about Veland cause he was the main songwriter in the first two albums both of which are awesome and its because of Veland.

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