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    17. Jul. 2011, 21:07 von Tibo-FB

  • so poolselinda has 50.000 scrobbles on his account

    6. Mär. 2010, 10:48 von gilbertbodart

    ... and decided to celebrate that with a scrobble-party.
    the concept: everyone brings half an hour of music on a memory stick, all mp3s are put in one folder, and DJ Ad Randrom does the rest, while last fm scrobbles.

    i brought a few coversongs:
    Alice Donut & Killdozer - Let the Sunshine In (originally by The 5th Dimension)
    The Moog Cookbook - Are You Gonna Go my Way (original by Lenny Kravitz)
    Tricky - Black Steel (original by Public Enemy)
    Egghead - Mongoloid (original by Devo)
    Lou Barlow And Friends - Run to You (original by Bryan Adams)
    Dynamite - TOETER OP MIJN WATERSCOOTER (original by Gebroeders KO)
    Ham Steak - Macarena (original by Los Del Rio)
    Laibach - Leben Heisst Leben (original by Opus)

    the last one didn't get played though :-(

    curious what denalain, poolselinda, einaryiru, anneliesmonsere, natteke, tjorvelinne and robiaz brought along? check march 5th, between 8.25 pm and marcht 6th 1 am on poolselinda's track page
  • Tuesday Ten: Better Covers

    2. Feb. 2010, 14:53 von amodelofcontrol

    Firstly, further to last week, can I also suggest that following an advert for this seen at the weekend, that there is a seperate circle of hell reserved for it?

    Anyway, on with this week. For only (I think) the second time, you lucky people get a double dose this week. In addition to the planned flipside to last week, you also get my rundown of the ten tracks you should hear this month.

    So onto the first bit, covers. Like last week, this is undoubtedly hugely subjective, some of you will disagree with my choices, others will have tracks that I should have included. Once again, there is a shared Spotify playlist with all the ideas I've had so far, with cover and original where possible (and one or the other where not possible) - feel free to add your suggestions to the list, or in the comments below. On we go:

    Johnny Cash
    (originally by Nine Inch Nails)

    Yes, yes, I know this has now been played to death, we've all shed a tear or two by the close of the video
  • Massive Attack are back. Again

    20. Sep. 2009, 14:25 von bohemiana

    Thu 17 Sept, 2009
    Fri 18 Sept, 2009

    I think I preferred the show on the 17th to the one on the 18th, though this may be because of Damon Albarn's performance, and for that alone. The shows themeselves were pretty even. I preferred Teardrop on the first night, and Karmacoma on the second

    First of all, a confession: I know nothing of Martina Topley-Bird except that in which she is credited - wrongly - as "Martine"; so this was a nice introduction to her stuff. I enjoyed her performance. She is engaging to watch, and Black Steel being performed with Shlomo was a definite highlight, as was watching her amazingly talented percussionist, Fergus.

    Second of all, a minor negative remark: After the awesomeness of Bulletproof Love, I thought Heartcliff Star was a bit of - not a poor opener - but maybe not engaging? But hey people with way more knowledge of these things thought it was a good choice, so I'll just shut up. It's tainted my view of the track maybe. …
  • Tuesday Ten: Do You Remember The First Time?

    17. Mär. 2009, 19:20 von amodelofcontrol

    As I said last week, I suddenly have a short flush of inspiration for these Tuesday Tens at the moment. This one has taken me weeks to collate, gave me lots of ideas, and perhaps even more music to re-evaluate. This week it's about debut albums, and in particular ones I really like or left a lasting impression.

    There are many debut albums I really don't like, though - and this even applies to bands I otherwise adore. I can't stand the first albums from (to pick a few examples in my collection) The Afghan Whigs, In Strict Confidence, Spahn Ranch, Type O Negative, to name four. Maybe it's just because I got into all four bands a little further down the line. Maybe they simply weren't that great to start with. Other debuts captivated me for numerous reasons, either when they were released, or when I got to listen to them at a later point, and these are the ten that made this list. And when creating the shortlist for it, I came to the scary realisation that I had created a subject that was far too broad. …
  • Vent

    6. Sep. 2008, 7:38 von Elziard

    Fri 5 Sep – Tricky

    to equate the show to a religious experience might be misinterpreted as a euphoric happening. what i mean is Tricky seemed to excise demons buried within. deeply buried. he chased them out as a preacher would perform an exorcism.
    this is best exemplified when he gripped the bass drum; partly for support, partly for a primal thumping and ultimate destruction. he cast out those demons and threw them down, taking the drum kit with him.
    he conducts his band, his sacred followers, to create crescendos of deafening howls and silences them once more to bring in a guitar loop (live) or the bass (live also). with waves of his arms and pumping fists to the heavens he controls the experience.
    that and his reserve-to-explosion most impressed me.
    not the scrawny short man who sang only half the time. he never left the stage. he felt the music.
    oh, and what an eclectic setlist: covering everything from Black Steel to his cover of The Love Cats. …
  • Pukkelpop 2008

    18. Aug. 2008, 13:59 von sobidol

    Thu 14 Aug – Pukkelpop

    Day 1 (thursday 14 aug)

    We arrived a bit later than expected, so we missed the first groups.
    The first group I saw was Danko Jones at the main stage. It was ok, nothing special though. His set was less energetic than the one I saw some years ago, and he stops the flow of his concert by rambling a little bit too much.
    After that, we went to Dirty Pretty Things. They weren't drunk, which was quite a surprise, and a positive one. Not bad at all, but not terribly good either, so we decided to go on and have a look at the dance hall.

    The Infadels were playing, and they managed to get th people to dance on their strange mix of electro, rock and funk. It was good, and I had a nice time. They covered Sweet Dreams by the Eurithmycs, and got away with it. That speaks for them, i suppose.

    Next was Tricky. for some strange reason, in the air tonight (yep, Phil fucking Collins) was played before the concert started. The concert got off a great start, with You Don't Wanna and a dirty cover of The love cats. …

    8. Aug. 2008, 7:34 von baltasound

    Sat 2 Aug – Splendour in the Grass

    Sun and fun!
    Splendour proved to be a microcosm of it's nearest town, Byron Bay. Plenty of tents and music options for the spiritually aware, and an all-pervading feeling that it's all going to be OK. And it is. Barely anyone puts in a poor show and even if they do, the crowd will sweetly forgive.


    Following a strong show fromDelta Spiritwho were southern gentlemen and possess a ragged folky spirit that began proceedings well, the GW McLennan Tent becomes a love-in for the brightly-shining charisma of the knobbly-kneed and mouth-agape Dev Hynes, aka Lightspeed Champion and his splendid backing band. Hynes' cascading guitar solos and smart songwriting turns of Tell Me What It's Worth and No Surprises are only outdone by his Aussie-flag-in-mouth take on the Star Wars Theme and a version ofEveryone I Know Is Listening to Crunk that classifies as haunting, even at 3PM on a sunny day.

  • Tuesday Ten: 90s [Part One]

    15. Apr. 2008, 17:22 von amodelofcontrol

    A few weeks ago I covered ten of my favourite 80s albums. The 90s were the decade where I seriously got into music, and because of the disparate genres I listen to, there is simply no way that I can narrow this down to ten. So, my favourite albums of the 90s is split into two parts, and the second part will follow next Tuesday.

    And it is roughly split by genre, I guess. One part covers metal and industrial, and the other alternative and electro - I'm going to cover the latter this week.

    This is, of course, an entirely subjective list. The albums that are/were important to me are probably entirely different to others who read this, and to me that is half the fun of being into music - no-one's tastes are exactly the same. I've deliberately missed out a couple of the more obvious stuff as I've no doubt mentioned them before!

    Girls Against Boys
    House of GVSB
    Touch & Go
    For a while the darlings of the alt.rock press during the nineties…
  • Tuesday Ten: 80s

    25. Mär. 2008, 19:06 von amodelofcontrol

    I haven't done one in a while, so here we go again. And this week's is all the fault of Infest, really - and more to the point their announcements last week.

    So what am I looking at this week? My favourite 80s albums. When I started thinking about this one, I wasn't sure that I had enough 80s albums to be able to decide, but as it turns out I have far more than I first thought - and indeed I had to whittle this list down to have just ten. I'm going to be crossing genres more than usual perhaps, here...

    Front 242
    Front by Front
    I'll start with the obvious, perhaps. It's amazing, really. This album is now twenty years old, and still sounds like the future. Legions of EBM/industrial acts have tried to follow this, and no-one has really come that close. It is stuffed with storming dancefloor tracks (the evergreen Headhunter V3.0 [video], obviously and Im Rhythmus Bleiben, for starters) and electronic experimentation (things like Blend the Strengths), and the whole thing is bulletproof. …